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We spent $150K in Singles in One Night


One of the most exciting unknowns in the NBA is to which extent do players party during and after the season. We hear something here and there, but the details often elude us. The code of silence is strong.

Wildest one has to be the Championship party on the night of winning the whole thing. You climbed the mountain top, all the hard work paid off, and now it is time to celebrate. How wild does it get?

Antoine Walker provided an interesting detail about the ’06 Heat after winning the title in Dallas. Check this out (via Fair Game with Kristine Leahy):

One of the best ones is when we won it all. Went back to Miami, the whole team went to the strip club. We probably spent $150.000 in singles.

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Yep, this is not a typo. A 150k in singles in one night!!!! I did the math. If you were to stack all those singles, it would be 54ft of single dollar bills. That’s 3,6 feet per player. We are left with a few unanswered questions from this story.

First question, who gave the 150k? Did the superstars’ pay, or did the whole team participate? I’d vote it be proportional. You can’t have a rookie chip in as much as Shaq and Dwade. Maybe the owner of the team did?

Second question, why 150k? Was there more and they didn’t manage to spend it? Who did the math on how much they need?

Third question, which bank had this much singles on hand? I don’t know about you, but the few times in my life, I had to withdraw a slightly larger sum, they told me to call in advance and all that. I know the customer is king, but that’s a whole lot of singles to prepare for a team that may not win.

Fourth, if you’re an NBA wife/girlfriend, are you secretly hoping your man loses in the Finals? After learning about this, I would be.

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