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Vince Carter: The Last of the Mohicans


Air Canada, Half man - Half amazing, are just some of the nicknames used for probably the best dunker of all time.

He spent 3 years at North Carolina and collected 2 Final Four appearances, unfortunately without a title. He declared for the draft after 3 years in college and was selected by the Golden State Warriors.

Immediately after the draft, he was traded for his close friend Antwan Jamison to Toronto Raptors. There he joined his cousin Tracy McGrady. They played together for only a couple of seasons, but Carter made his way into the best player of the team. He was characterized by great dunking, he performed some things unprecedented, but he was actually much more than a "normal" dunker. He took the Raptors to the playoffs almost every year while he was in Toronto, but no further than the second round.

He took the Slam Dunk Contest in 2000 and there he made a really unseen show. He also made a big gesture for Michael Jordan. Carter was injured most of the season, but thanks to the popularity he was selected as the starter for the All-Star game. How that was Jordan’s last All-Star, Carter gave him his place in the roster.

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Dissatisfied with the management’s moves in 2004, he switched to the New Jersey Nets and joined with two great players, Kidd and Jefferson. Unfortunately, he was not able to feel the sense of the finals of the conference. He did not manage to pass the second round of the playoffs, despite his very good performance. After Kidd left, he was named the captain of the team, but his stay in Nets wasn’t for a long time. The next stop was Orlando Magic. It was also a short lifespan, in the same season, he was traded to the Suns. There he reached 20.000 career points and became the only 37th player to succeed that.

After Suns adventure, they decided not to extend the contract, and he signed as a free agent for Mavs and reunited with Jason Kidd. As the years passed, Carter turned into a very trustworthy shooter, and he broke up a lot of records while with the Mavs. He is the 11thplayer who scored at least 1600 threes but also didn’t find luck in the playoffs there. He hit the decisive three against Spurs and Mavs took a lead 2-1. Unfortunately, they lost the series 4-3.

A few weeks ago, Vince Carter announced that he will continue his career to enter his 22nd NBA season. The veteran is flirting with staying with the Atlanta Hawks.

While on the "Winging It" podcast by Carter and his teammate Kent Bazemore, Vinsanity announced the decision and briefly and succinctly declared, "I'll be back." With then 22 seasons in the NBA, Carter would set a new record. Kevin Willis, Robert Parish, Kevin Garnett, and Dirk Nowitzki have been in the league for 21 seasons.

After signing a one-year deal with the Atlanta Hawks last season, the 42-year-old has done well (76 games, 7.4 points, 41.9 percent FG), and Carter will choose freely his next team this coming summer, but he would not be averse to returning to the Hawks.

"I would like that, we'll see what happens."

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