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Vince Carter reveals the secret to his longevity: "I like foods that fuel"

Vince Carter changed his diet as he aged in the league and it certainly did him good.
Vince Carter reveals a secret to his longevity in the NBA

Vince Carter reveals a secret to his unmatched longevity in the NBA

Being the only player to last 22 seasons in four different eras in the NBA, Vince Carter sure had a little secret to his unmatched longevity. He wasn’t electrifying the crowd with incredible in-game dunks no more during his twilight years in the league, but to be able to keep up against players half his age, no one can refute that “Vinsanity” really took care of his body.

At 6-foot-6, the ideal weight for Carter is not more than 235 pounds. To achieve it, a weight gain calculator suggests that the high-flying superstar should've maintained his calorie intake within 3,574 a day.

Apparently, “Air Canada” never had to deal with that kind of dilemma as he managed to maintain his weight to just around 220 pounds, which was the same weight listed on his official NBA rookie measurements.

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Carter listens to his body

According to Carter, he began to listen to what his body was telling him when he approached his late 30s. To further shed light on that, the eight-time NBA All-Star said that he worked closely with his nutritionist and, more importantly, he became extra mindful of what he eats.

“My mindset would be ‘I’m young, I can ice and keep going.’ Now, it’s more important for me to understand what they’re telling me about my body,” Carter said in an interview with GQ in 2017. “So, if my legs are heavy, that’s my body telling me I need more sleep or to stretch. I have to listen to that now and be more attentive to the nutritionist and the body load numbers that comes from games and practices.”

Always go for the right food

Carter went on to reveal that he always goes for “foods that fuel” his body and not the ones that will affect his performance during games.

“I try to eat lots of vegetables and greens,” he revealed. “I like foods that fuel. I’m a sweater, so I prefer pasta for my pre-game meals most of the time. I don’t drink soda because I lose so much [fluid] when I play that I need to replenish. I don’t really eat as much fried food as I would have when I was younger because my body can’t shed it as fast…I make sure I have the energy foods that kind of help me perform. I don’t really eat pork as much. There’s no particular reason. I just stay away from it. I’m just smart about what I eat and the times I eat.”

Indeed, Carter’s decision to change his diet made us realize that he didn’t only defy the laws of gravity, but also the laws of time.

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