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Vernon Maxwell explains what made him hate Utah Jazz fans

Vernon Maxwell

There have been numerous bad-blood rivalries throughout NBA history, mostly between teams or individual players, but one of the biggest ones is between a player and a fan base. It started a while back and is still active, as there is no love between Vernon Maxwell and the Utah Jazz fans.

Maxwell, who is mainly remembered for his days with the Houston Rockets, was never the biggest name but was a crucial part of their two championships and one of their vocal leaders. His rugged style of play and demeanor earned him the nickname "Mad Max," which led to him often getting into scuffles and battles with players, but his biggest beef came with the fan-base of the Utah Jazz.

Usually, time heals all wounds, but in this case, Maxwell has clearly stated that the bad blood is still real. While making an appearance on the Rex Chapman Show, Maxwell talked about various interesting topics from his career and touched on the subject of Utah Jazz fans, explaining his reasoning behind the beef and why he won't ever let it go:

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"The people out there, they abused me. Talk about my mama, my grandma, talk about the stillborn; they call me the N-word. You see what they did to Ja Morant and his mom and dad. I keep telling these people they've been doing this for a long time. People are acting like this shit is new, I said this a long time ago, and that's why I was happy that Dwyane Wade took a part-ownership in that. Because he's a black man, and I'm sure he heard it, and he's seen it and what goes on there from when he was a player. "

Vernon Maxwell, via ">The Rex Chapman Show

Even though they have one of the most passionate fan bases and best home-court advantages in the NBA, the Utah Jazz fans have gotten a bad reputation due to the numerous fans' incidents regarding mostly hurtful and racist remarks towards players. It's always great to see passionate fans rooting for their team, but all while it's in the lines of good taste and basketball. We have evolved too much and improved as a society to let a game bring out families and race into the conversation. In Maxwell's example, the case is over, but hopefully, for all the up and coming stars playing in or versus the Jazz, the situation will be a bit more different and respectful.

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