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Vanessa Bryant revealed how Kobe Bryant was a normal person like everyone else: "He wipes his own ass too"

Kobe Bryant was a certified superstar but he was always generous to the fans and to the young players. This is what makes him a great role model because he was a superstar but never acted like one.
Vanessa Bryant revealed how Kobe Bryant was like everyone else

Vanessa Bryant claimed how Kobe Bryant was just an ordinary man in front of a fan

Fans see their basketball idols as larger-than-life personalities, but the truth is they are like the rest of us. They may be several million richer, but they are just humans after all. Vanessa Bryant claimed how Kobe Bryant was just an ordinary man in front of a fan.

“He wipes his own ass too!”

In an interview with ESPN in 2013, Kobe Bryant was asked when was the last time he pumped his own gas, to which The Black Mamba gamely replied.

“Yesterday. I do all of life’s daily tasks. The other day my wife and I stopped at 7-Eleven and I pulled up to the pump and I started to pump some gas. She went inside to buy something and was waiting in line. The guy in front of her sees me outside but doesn’t see her. He says, ‘Man, there’s Kobe Bryant pumping his own gas.’ My wife says to the guy, ‘He wipes his own ass, too.’”

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That was a bit of too much information from Vanessa. But it’s nice to see both of them revealing intimate things to fans. Kobe Bryant’s estimated net worth is around $600 million. When he retired in 2016, he occupied himself with things outside basketball. Bryant focused on being a father to his growing daughters and invested in different ventures, like any other retired professional.

These claims are hilarious and refreshing for fans because they are used to seeing Kobe’s ultra-competitive side on the basketball floor. But off it, he’s just a regular father who pumped his own gas and did all the other daily stuff like every other ordinary person.

What endeared Kobe to fans

Kobe was generous enough to his fans and to the youngsters in the NBA. He always shared his knowledge with those who asked for it. Bryant started The Mamba Academy to teach young kids and mentored some NBA stars in the summer.

Kobe put in the grind and took no shortcuts to achieve greatness. He was someone who earned the respect of competitors and teammates because they knew he spent an immense amount of time finetuning his game. That’s what’s missing among today’s young stars, the willingness to put in the work. They almost always ask to get traded when things don’t go their way.

Kobe Bryant was a superstar on the basketball court, but he never acted like one of it and remained grounded as much as possible, considering his stature. The little things make the fans remember him more because he made them feel he wasn’t any different from them. 

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