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Tracy McGrady believes Rasheed Wallace was “probably the most talented big man he’s ever seen"

Wallace was a solid player throughout his career, but his numbers don't compare to many of the greats in NBA history
Tracy McGrady believes Rasheed Wallace was “probably the most talented big man” he’s ever seen

McGrady recently said Wallace was ‘probably the most talented big man’ he’s ever seen

For a point in time during the early 2000s, Tracy McGrady was one of the NBA’s most talented players. He led the league in scoring two seasons in a row and earned seven straight All-Star selections during his time with the Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic. “T-Mac” was a fantastic finisher at the rim who was also a capable shooter from deep, making him one of the most challenging players to play against during his prime.

McGrady played against many fantastic players throughout his career, but one guy that seems to stick out to him was Rasheed Wallace.“McGrady recently said Wallace was ‘probably the most talented big man’ he’s ever seen during a recent episode of WHAT’S BURNIN. McGrady’s comment quickly raised some eyes and was the subject of much debate.

Why does McGrady think Rasheed is the best big man he’s ever seen?

Wallace spent most of his career as a solid, if unspectacular, big man that played most of his career with the Portland Trail Blazers and Detroit Pistons. He won a title with the Pistons in 2004 and earned four All-Star selections throughout his career, but he doesn’t have the sort of lofty accolades that many of the great players in NBA history have on their resumes.

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Wallace did a little bit of everything throughout his career. He was a solid paint scorer, and even developed himself into a viable three-point shooter midway through his career. Wallace would always contribute on the glass, although he only averaged more than eight rebounds per game twice throughout his career. “Sheed” also was an excellent interior defender, although his numbers aren’t going to jump off the page.

A lot of that is what makes this take by T-Mac so confusing. Wallace was a good player, but he wasn’t exactly great. If you compare him to players like Shaquille O’Neal or Tim Duncan, who played similar positions during the same time, Wallace comes nowhere close to what they accomplished throughout their careers.

Rasheed was a good player, but he’s not the best big man to ever play in the NBA

McGrady’s claim felt like a stretch right off the bat, and a deeper dive into the numbers proves that’s the case. This isn’t a diss on Wallace, but the comparison isn’t fair when you put his numbers against some of the all-time greats.

Wallace was a well-rounded player who managed to put together a good career, but he’s not among the greats in the game. Heck, Wallace might not even get inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame, although there is still time to change that. Without that crowning achievement, this isn’t even a discussion.

It’s interesting to see McGrady’s perspective, considering he did play against Wallace, but it ultimately is wrong. Wallace wasn’t the best big man of his generation, let alone in the history of the game. While T-Mac’s opinion always has some weight, he’s incorrect to label Wallace as the best big man he’s ever seen in the NBA.

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