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Tim Grover shares a story about Michael Jordan's dedication: "Interesting how the guy with the most talent and success spent more time working out than anyone else.”


When you think about greatness personified in the game of basketball, I'm positive 90 percent of the fans would say the name Michael Jordan. Jordan captured masses with an unseen elegance, drive, maturity, and competitiveness rarely seen on basketball courts.

Without any doubt, the amount of hard work Jordan put in throughout his career couldn't be measured because but it could be put into perspective. There were many stories about Jordan's competitiveness and pure will to win but none was more convincing than the one from his personal trainer Tim Grover who worked and trained with Jordan on a daily basis.

Grover said Jordan was relentless in his intent to be the best player he could possibly be no matter if he won or lose a game. This story by Grover perfectly depicts a mindset of someone who works hard despite all of his talents and already achieved accolades.

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"After every game, I use to ask Michael one question: 5,6 or 7? As in what time are we hitting the gym tomorrow morning? And he’d snap back time, and that was it. Especially after a loss, when there wasn’t a whole lot else to say. No discussion, no debate, no lame attempt to convince me he needed the morning off. Are you good? I’m good. See you in the morning. And the next morning at whatever time he’d decided, he’d awaken to find me standing outside his door. No matter what happened the night before-good game, bad game, soreness, fatigue- he was up working out every morning while most other guys slept. Interesting how the guy with the most talent and success spent more time working out than anyone else.”

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