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The time Draymond Green absolutely roasted Paul Pierce: "You thought you was Kobe?"


Trash-talking has become a lost art in today's NBA, as the league has tried to restrict any kind of "unclean" behavior on the court, instructing referees to sanction players, making a lot of guys in the league back away from the bad blood. But that doesn't mean that we don't have some guys that pride themselves on trash-talking with their matchups on the court, trying to get in their head and gain a mental advantage. One of those guys is most definitely Draymond Green.

Draymond entered the league without any hesitation on the tongue, as he has been talking and provoking players since his rookie season to this day. He may not be the most skillful player on the court, but he is the loudest, impacting the game in a different way. Still, one of his most infamous and best trash-talking sessions came in 2017 against the great Paul Pierce.

A few years ago, the Warriors and Clippers were fierce rivals, facing off in the playoffs a couple of times and constantly battling to the wire, often getting into altercations and scuffles between each other. So when the two teams faced in a regular-season game in Oakland, tensions were flying high from the tip. In one of the first possessions of the game, Draymond fouled Blake Griffin and sent him to the line.

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Green was getting ready to go in the rebounding line as the Clippers bench led by veteran Paul Pierce started provoking him, saying: "BG he can't guard you, he too little." Pierce was indicating that Green is too small to be able to guard the fellow power forward Blake Griffin. Green, who apparently had no intention of talking, heard it all and got hyped, unloading back at Pierce with some brutal trash-talk:

"I'm not even preparing to say a word to Paul Pierce, and then he start talking from the gate...So now I'm over there hyped: 'Chasing that farewell tour. They don't love you like that...You thought you was Kobe?' You not Kobe. Why are you talking? One thing about trash talk, it's just happens. You say something; it's right there. I think it was amazing. It also shut him right up."

Draymond Green via ESPN

Green wouldn't hold back, coming right for Pierce's soul by belittling him when compared to his rival Kobe Bryant. Green hit the note so precisely that the usually talkative Pierce had no comeback for it and just backed away. Pierce was in the last season of his career and being overshadowed by some of his more established peers, so Green's comments definitely hit the spot. But when you come at somebody, you have to be able to take it back. Especially Draymond. "The Truth" learned that the hard way.

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