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The myths of Manute Bol playing drunk and being over 50 years old while in the NBA

Bol's teammate Jayson Williams shared a few wild stories about Manute.

Manute Bol is mostly known as the tallest player in the NBA’s history at seven-foot-seven, playing for the Bullets, Warriors, 76ers, and the Heat during his 11-year career. He is one of the most unique players in NBA history, from his stature to his playing style, which resulted in him averaging more blocks than points during his career. But what you may not know about him are some crazy stories about him told by his former teammate and NBA All-Star Jayson Williams.

Bol had beers before games

Back in 2016, Williams was doing a podcast with VICE Sports and telling a few ridiculous stories about NBA players, especially Bol. Firstly he told the story of the Sixers' interesting strategy in helping Bol put on some weight: 

“They used to let Manute Bol drink the whole time, so he would drink Heinekens all day long to help put on weight, so Manute Bol never played sober in one basketball game. He used to put on all his clothes last, so what he would do, after he got out the shower, he would put on his socks and then that was it. And he would just walk around the locker room naked drinking Heinekens.”

Jayson Williams, via Vice Sports

He was 55 years old while in the NBA?

The second story Williams told was regarding Bol’s age. This one is not uncommon for players coming from Africa. In the official books, Bol was listed to be born on October 16th, 1962, which means he was 28 years old when playing with Williams, but he didn’t believe that, as he thought he was much older: 

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“He used to say that he was 35 years old, but I used to be on the bench looking at all the circles and scars around his head, and I asked him one day, ‘Manute, what are those scars on your head?’ And he says, ‘Well, the white man lost my birth certificate in the jungle, so every five years I take a rock and I slice one across my head.’ I was like, ‘All right,’ and then I started looking at it the next game, and I said, ‘Holy s—, Manute Bol is 55 years old.’”

Jayson Williams, via Vice Sports

How much truth and credibility these stories have is up to debate, as they are pretty bizarre. But one thing is for sure. Manute Bol is one of the greatest stories and persons in NBA history. Hopefully, his son Bol Bol can leave a significant impact as his dad did in the league. 

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