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The last game of 2010 regular season between Warriors and Blazers is one of the most bizarre games in NBA history

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NBA is full of exciting and strange games but none of them takes the cake like the one that happened on the 14th of April in 2010 between the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trailblazers. This was the last game in the regular season and Warriors actually won the game despite having only six healthy players available to play that night.

The Warriors suited up 8 players for the game because of the league's rules, however, Ronny Turiaf and Anthony Morrow were injured and couldn't play so they were just spectators. Unfortunately for Warriors Chris Hunter who was available to play got injured 5 minutes into the game which meant the Warriors only had 5 players available.

Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, Anthony Tolliver, Reggie Williams, and Devean George played the entire game until George picked up his sixth personal foul which resulted in Don Nelson's decision to bring back an injured Chris Hunter. Hunter would actually commit a foul after spending less than a minute on the floor which resulted in him getting benched once again.

What happened afterward is even more absurd because of the rules NBA has that pretty much state you can bring a player who fouled out only if everyone else that is suited up is hurt. Nelson brought in Turiaf who committed a foul immediately and left the game because of an injury. Morrow who was also injured came into the game for Turiaf and did the same thing as his injured teammate. They both combined for only 16 seconds that game.

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The Warriors were down to only 4 healthy players. The rule states that a fouled player can come back to the game, however, the problem is that you immediately receive a technical foul and every other foul after that one too. With Warriors being by 2, George re-enters the game with 6 fouls and the game continues. George didn't receive the 7th personal foul which would make him the first player in NBA history to receive that many personal fouls.

After this series of events, the rookie Stephen Curry completely takes over the game and scores 8 straight points which help the Warriors win the game with a score of 122-116. This was Stephen Curry's first 40-point game as he scored 42 points. Monta Ellis was also exceptional that game with 34 points and they all logged in 48 minutes of play that game.

What is also peculiar that even the refs apparently didn't know the rules because they had to get the rule book out in order to figure out how to proceed moving forward. This caused the game to stop for almost 5 minutes. Don Nelson who at that point was probably the most experienced coach in the NBA used the situation really well for the Warriors advantage of knowing the rules and made the right moves at the right time. It also helped out Curry was scorching hot from the three-point land and that the Blazers were simply horrible that night.

This game was perhaps one of the most astonishing games of all-time in the NBA and it proved you can win against all ods. It also showed that anything can happen and that the slogan "Where amazing happens" really embodies the spirit of the game and the league.


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