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The five longest shots in NBA history


We have all seen Joel Embiid miracle heave that almost went in a few weeks ago when his Sixers lost to the Suns 116-113 in a close game. Embiid caught the ball off a free-throw miss with just 0.8 seconds remaining and chucked up a full-court bomb that just rimed out, leaving everybody in that arena shocked. 

It would have been the longest shot ever in a game, in addition to tying the game at the buzzer—a one-in-a-million shot. Embiid didn't make it, but this shot inspired me to search for the ones who did. Here are the five longest shots in NBA history, with two honorable mentions that didn't count:

Honorable mentions:

Jae Crowder

Back in 2015, Jae Crowder managed to hit the longest shot ever in a game. The only problem? He was inbounding the ball. In a game between his Celtics and the Pacers in Indiana, Jae was inbounding the ball from under his own basket with just 1.1 seconds left. He threw a long pass aiming for Jared Sullinger, but the ball went deep and banked in. Celtics coach Brad Steven known for well-designed plays had to admit this wasn't in his playbook, as it was eventually called a turnover.

Marcus Camby

It looked like Camby broke the record when he swished this full-court heave in-game versus the Kings back in 2012. It was over 90 feet, but Camby fell just a couple of milliseconds late, shooting it after the buzzer went off. Unfortunately, it would discredit his shot and keep the history books the same.

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5. Vince Carter - 82 feet

Even though he's more known for his monstrous dunks, "Vinsanity" managed to score this prayer while playing for the Memphis Grizzlies back in 2016 in a game versus the Timberwolves. Vince got the rebound, gathered himself slowly, and shot it from 3/4 court with two defenders contesting him. Vince drained the shot and celebrated in style with the crowd going wild. Even in his older days, Carter was a fan favorite.

4. Norm Van Lier - 84 feet

Unfortunately, there is no footage I could find of Van Lier hitting this shot, but the history books say that in a game between his Bulls and the Spurs back in 1977, Van Lier sank one of the most miraculous shots ever from 84 feet away. It is a tough break that we can't see the shot, but that doesn't mean it's any less impressive.

3. LeBron James - 84 feet

A young LeBron James managed to find himself on this list, as he scored this absolute bomb back in 2007, while his Cavaliers were playing their fierce rivals at the time, the Boston Celtics. The TD Garden crowd was in shock as LeBron shot it nearly from his own bench. Just one of LeBron's numerous amazing plays from his career.

2. Magic Johnson - 84 feet

This shot from Magic Johnson kind of got forgotten and didn't get talked about enough. In a 1991 game between the Lakers and the Nuggets, Magic got the ball of the air-ball and launched a one-hander from 84-feet to end the first half, making it and making the LA crowd go crazy. Pure magic, baby!

1. Baron Davis - 89 feet

The number one spot still belongs to Baron Davis and this unbelievable shot from 2001. In a game between his Hornets and the Bucks, Davis shot a one-hander from 89 feet away with a defender right in his face and swished the shot. Davis himself said he called it. We don't know if he's lying to make the shot even cooler, but we will go with it, as it still holds the number one spot to this day. Who will be the one that tops his distance? We will have to wait and see.

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