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barkley vs shaq (1)

Today we're going to have some fun because we'll watch grown basketball players punch each other (and some fans) in the face. So without further ado — here are our top 10 craziest fights in NBA history.

#10 - Maurice Lucas vs. Darryl Dawkins

Darryl Dawkins and Bob Gross get tangled up after a rebound, they fall to the ground and things get a little heated. Everyone seems to be calming down, but all of a sudden, Darryl Dawkins tries to sneak in a cheap shot to Gross. Maurice Lucas decides to jump in and sucker punch Dawkins, so the two end up squaring up and nothing really happens after that. Still, this was an epic brawl.

#9 - Shaquille O'Neal vs Charles Barkley

Everything starts with Chuck getting blocked and fouled by Shaq. He then retaliates by throwing the ball off Shaq's head. O'Neal swings at Barkley but misses him. They end up wrestling on the ground and if you ever wondered why there is a little tension between the two on TNT — this might be the reason :)

#8 - Ray Allen vs Keyon Dooling

Back in '06, for reasons known only to Keyon Dooling, he chased Allen at full speed and bumped into him, the two fell to the ground and started wrestling. Punches were exchanged and they were separated. Dooling later chased after Ray Allen into the locker room. Too bad we don't have a video of that.

#7 - Marcus Camby vs. Jeff Van Gundy

Everything starts with Danny Ferry accidentally hitting Marcus Camby after a box-out. About 30 seconds later after just calmly talking to the refs, Camby sees that Danny Ferry is no longer paying attention to him and charges trying to throw a cheap shot. Thankfully, Jeff Van Gundy in the way and saves Ferry's life.

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#6 - Bill Laimbeer vs. Boston Celtics

The Bad Boys Pistons era was the most physical basketball we'll ever see. Bill Lambeer was notorious for deliberately hurting and even injuring opponents. In a series with Boston, his goal was to eliminate Larry Bird and everything seemed to be going for him. Larry spent more time on the ground than playing, but Robert Parish decided to put end to this.

#5 - Alonzo Mourning's Leg vs. Jeff Van Gundy

In the 1998 playoffs, Heat vs. Knicks — Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning just start getting into it. The fight quickly becomes serious, so Jeff Van Gundy gets called into action again and somehow this time he ends up riding Alonzo Mourning's leg. Legendary.

#4 - Kobe Bryant vs. Chris Childs

Kobe Bryant gets into it with Chris Childs, they start arguing and then Kobe tries to hit Childs with a weird elbow. Childs connects with a quick two-piece the fight is pretty much over. This fight is significant because it is the only video evidence of the Knicks beating the Lakers in pretty much anything in the last 30 years. So sorry, Knicks fans :)

#3 - Dr. J vs. Larry Bird

Larry Bird and Dr. J get tangled up and Larry hits the ground. A fight breaks out and then Charles Barkley ends up pinning Larry Bird arms behind his back (which Chuck says was an accident but come on) and Dr. J just ends up getting some clean punches at Larry Bird's face.

#2 - Malice in the Palace

This is probably the saddest day in basketball history. Ben Wallace pushes Artest and a fight immediatelly starts. After a little while, Artest laid down on the scorers until a Pistons fan suddenly threw a cup of beer all over him. The rest is history.

#1 - Willis Reed Fights The Lakers

We heard the legends of Willis Reed taking on the entire Los Angeles Lakers roster but nobody could find the tape which caused this fight to gain a somewhat mythical status. Then luckily, the footage was tracked down a few years ago and it was more amazing than we could have hoped for.

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