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That time Danilo Gallinari asked a reporter if she wanted to watch him “take a sh*t”

Nothing beats the reaction of the female reporter.
New York Knicks forward Danilo Gallinari

Danilo Gallinari

There have been numerous awkward and nasty on-air interactions between a player and a reporter in the NBA. For example, there was that time when Dwight Howard told a reporter that his team’s “D” was good tonight, probably a subtle meaning for something else. Or moments when reporters have asked players the most awkward questions.

However, if there’s an interview that definitely makes it to the Hall-of-fame of awkward reporter and player interactions, it’s got to be the one of Danilo Gallinari asking a female reporter Melanie Collins if she wanted to watch him “take a sh*t.”

The backstory

This interaction occurred when Gallinari was a significant player for the New York Knicks during the early years of his career. Just by observing the clip (that has made its rounds all over social media recently), Gallinari was having a disastrous first half hence why the reporter asked what changed in the second half, where he scored all of his 30 points.

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Danilo answered, with a straight serious face, that all he needed to do was take a dump: “I came to the locker room to take a sh*t. I only take a sh*t four or five times a day but I can do it everywhere. I can take it right here, in the locker room or at home, with my friends, in the living room, while playing cards, anywhere. I’m actually going to take a sh*t right now, you want to watch?said Gallinari.

Let’s take a moment to hilariously acknowledge Collins’ reaction after Gallinari’s statement. It’s hard to blame the reporter for sporting this facial expression.

Melanie Collins

A theory behind this video

As hilarious and frankly disgusting this video is, there have been a lot of theories as to why Gallinari conducted himself this way on local television. According to Reddit user @00pegasus5g, this particular video was produced for an advertisement ad for the brand called “Sheets,” which frequently aired on local television during the 2010-2011 season. Now that would make a whole lot more sense.

Nevertheless, if Gallinari does indeed evacuate the bowels 3-4 times a day, then he’s on the good side of science. There have been a lot of studies that indicate it’s healthy for every human to defecate at least that many times a day. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why Gallinari continues to be an effective player despite now playing for 14 years in the NBA.

Ultimately, whether or not this interview was scripted, it’ll still go down as one of the most uncanny and funniest videos of all time. 

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