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That time Rodman got choked by Mason and just laughed it off

Dennis Roman and Anthony Mason

Dennis Roman and Anthony Mason

When people talk about 90’s basketball, they don’t call it tough and psychical for no reason. There was a lot of hand checking, hard fouls, and strong players who made it their specialty to intimidate their opponents. One of those players was Anthony Mason. Mason was one of the toughest players ever to play the game, but he wasn’t strong enough to shake up Dennis Rodman.

In a playoff game between the Charlotte Hornets and the Chicago Bulls, the two got into it, as it escalated quickly. Toni Kukoc was backing down in the post, but Rodman was getting ready to set a screen on Mason on the other side of the court. Mason was mad at the time, as he just decided to grab him by the neck like he was going to choke him out and pushed him away.

Any other player would probably fly to the ground, trying to get a flagrant foul, but Rodman laughed it off and started clapping. What was crazy, the refs called it a double foul. The announcers didn’t understand, as they mockingly said Rodman must have hit him with his face or neck.

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Rodman was known for his altercations and shenanigans that got him into trouble with refs or his other players during his career, but he was innocent on this play. Later in the post-game interview, Rodman trolled Mason:

He wanted to tango, but he didn’t know the steps.

Dennis Rodman


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