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That time Nicole Richie told the world that she wanted to have sex with Kobe Bryant

There have been weird moments that have happened in the NBA and this one is way up there.
Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant and Nicole Ritchie

Kobe Bryant and Nicole Ritchie

The NBA has had its most absurd and awkward moments featured on television. Whether that's a random fan running on the court or a fight breaking out in the arena, there's a vast array of those clips stored and remembered forever on the Internet.

One video that won't be forgotten was when Nicole Richie sat courtside at a Los Angeles Lakers game and shook the world with one bold statement.

Nicole wanted Kobe in bed.

"I love Kobe Bryant because I want him to have sex with me, woooo!" declared Richie with no shame whatsoever live in December 2003.

This was the same game when the Lakers took on the Denver Nuggets spearheaded by rookie Carmelo Anthony who was already playing like an All-Star. The game went down to the wire, and luckily for Lakers fans and Richie, Bryant led the purple gold to a 101 - 99 victory on that day.

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There's no proof of whether or not these two even knew each other. But she must've known Kobe was married and a father at the time. We can only suspect different substances that reduce social inhibitions were involved. 

A game to remember.

Maybe the reason why Richie was in high spirits in the first place was because of what had transpired on the court. This was the same game when Bryant only appeared after the first quarter because he had to attend a hearing regarding his rape case in Eagle, Colorado. Bryant had to fly to Colorado at 4:30 AM for the trial and only got back to STAPLES Center after the vital game started.

When Bryant arrived, Lakers fans (including Richie) were ecstatic to see their hero. Interestingly, Kobe was seen warming up in a stationary bike as he only needed this to catch his rhythm and momentum. The superstar then started the second quarter and got to work right away.

Bryant made several plays for his teammates and knocked down a clutch shot to put the Lakers up by four with 20 seconds left in the game. Anthony answered by tying the game with his own clutch shot and a pair of free throws. With 2.5 seconds left in the game, guess who brought the house down with the game-winner?

No other than Bryant.

Kobe was the star of the night, and everyone in attendance would've died to give him a high five — Richie wanted more than that. 

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