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That time Dennis Rodman cried in an interview after he insulted the Mormons and picked up a $50k fine from the NBA


One of the things that weren't mentioned in the 'The Last Dance' documentary was the incident with Dennis Rodman after he insulted the Utah Jazz fans, more specifically the Mormons. Because of that, the NBA fined Rodman for $50,000, which was the biggest fine in the league's history up until that point. Rodman was mad at the fans because of various racial slurs they were telling him every time the team played in Utah.

"It's hard to get in sync because of all the fu**ing Mormons out here giving me the finger".

Dennis Rodman

While making an appearance on the Jim Gray interview back in 1997, Rodman apologized for what he said and was obviously frustrated at the NBA. Rodman said he didn't understand why he had to pay the NBA 50k dollars instead of giving that money to the Mormon community because he really felt bad for his actions. At that time, there was a lot of controversy around Rodman, and that was his third fine, while the media were pushing the narrative that the Bulls should trade Rodman to a different team.

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Now I know it's wrong to say something wrong about someone's religion, and I can say that. They should have given me an opportunity to apologize instead of pounding the 50 thousand dollar fine on me, which had nothing to do with the NBA. I offended a lot of people, and I am very sorry. Instead of giving 50 thousand to the league, I should've given it to the Mormons.

Dennis Rodman, via Jim Gray Interview

In the interview, Jim Gray asked him whether he feels guilty for his actions and doing all those stupid things. You could tell Rodman had many things on his mind and broke down in tears, saying that he feels everyone in the media is against him and wants to make him look like a fool in front of fans, teammates, and the NBA community.

People are making it very difficult for me to walk on a basketball floor and hold my head up high because everyone wants to downgrade Dennis Rodman and make him look like he is a fool like he is an idiot.

Dennis Rodman, via Jim Gray Interview

After that incident, the rest was history. The Bulls played the Jazz in the finals and won their second championship in a row, while Rodman showcased why he was one of the best defenders/rebounders in the league. It seemed that incident was behind him, but at the time it happened, it definitely had a lot of impact on his mental state, as it was seen from this interview.

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