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Swaggy P reveals who was "Soft like Charmin​" in the infamous Lakers practice


There are several NBA practices that became legendary. The Dream Team scrimmage before the '92 Olympics. The Bulls practice when Jordan clocked Steve Kerr. Kobe coming back from injury and leaving practice trash-talking the whole team. That "soft like Charmin" was caught on video and showed what it's like to train with Mamba. The video makes it seem like Swaggy P was Kobe's target that day, but it turns out it was someone else. 

Five years ago, Kobe walked into practice decided to ruffle some feathers. The Lakers were 6 - 16, had the league's worst defense and didn't have a lot to look forward to. The practice ended in a scrimmage and Kobe went full Mamba on everyone in the gym.

As you can see most of the practice Kobe's matched up with Nick Young, so everyone always assumed Swaggy P was his main target. In an episode of "Certified Buckets", Young explained it was Jeremy Lin who got the main dish served and Young stepped in there to challenge Kobe. Lin was "soft like Charmin". You dan spot it at the end of practice, the way Byron Scott is calling him in the huddle. (via Certified Buckets):

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“It was like a testing day for Kobe to test Jeremy Lin, me, Wesley Johnson and other guys. From the start he [Kobe] was killing Jeremy Lin - I guess he wanted Jeremy Lin to be something he wasn't - he was killin' him from the start of practice, 'I don't know why we got him, why is here here, he had one good year,' talking crazy.”

Nick Young

Kobe picked Lin up full court, going at him from the jump. Then he said Lin was "soft like Charmin" and that he can't get better playing against people like Lin. That's when Swaggy P stepped in and challenged Kobe. Not the best idea, going at Kobe when he obviously walked into practice to crush everyone. Especially don't open with "Kobe you're talking too much, you can't guard me"

The next day the Lakers won and Kobe was praising his teammates. When reporters asked him about the practice, it was nothing special for Kobe. Just a regular day at the office. Mamba mentality is on, eat or be eaten. There's only one way to find out if your teammates can take the pressure.

"I just challenge guys, see what happens. I’ve always believed in throwing them in the pool and then seeing if they can sink or swim."

Kobe Bryant

As it turned out, Jeremy Lin could swim alright.

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