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Steve Nash made his opponent cry after beating him in a chess match

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Steve Nash is a man of many talents, and despite having two regular season MVP awards and numerous All-Star appearances, he was very successfull in other things outside of basketball. We've seen several times his exceptional abilities for soccer but before playing sports, Nash was actively playing chess. The ultimate mind game was his first love and he even won several championships when growing up.

There was one particular story related to a chess match between young Nash and one of his opponents that made him actually quit the game in the fourth grade. His dad later said Nash was dissapointed he actually made the other kid cry after beating him. This resulted in Nash no longer playing competitive chess but it also showed the type of personality he had from an early age. 

“When Stephen came home, he wasn’t worried about the winning or losing, he was upset that he’d beaten this kid and the kid had cried. I don’t think he played after he made that kid cry. He’s very sensitive. I mean, it’s kind of unusual to find somebody who’s competitive and sensitive at the same time.”

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After dedicating his time only to basketball, Nash spent hours and hours practicing because he knew from an early age, other players might have more talent which gives them an advantage over him. He made it to the NBA draft in 1996, which was one of the best in NBA history, and who would have taught a 6'3" white kid from Canada would have the most regular-season MVP awards.

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