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Shaquille O'Neal shares a wild story about seeing Rodman in a nightclub: "A lot of girls, some of them taking their tops off"

Shaquille O'Neal recalls going out to a nightclub with Dennis Rodman, which was one of the most bizarre nights out he ever experienced
Shaquille O'Neal shares a wild story about seeing Rodman in a night club: "A lot of girls, some of them taking their tops off"

Shaq once saw Rodman with 30 girls and famous actors in a club

Shaquille O'Neal had the opportunity to party with Dennis Rodman when they were teammates for a short period of time with the Los Angeles Lakers and witnessed some pretty bizarre scenes.

Short stint with the Lakers

During the lockdown-shortened season of 1998/99, the Lakers were looking to make another push at getting their first championship in the Kobe & Shaq era. Acquiring Dennis Rodman, who just finished his historic run with the Bulls, seemed like the right choice, which allowed the young Lakers squad to get that much-needed veteran presence. Unfortunately for the Lakers, getting Rodman to play in Los Angeles enabled him to be fully immersed in Hollywood and that type of lifestyle.

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In his book 'Shaq Talks Back", Shaquille O'Neal admits he was disappointed with Dennis Rodman's impact on the basketball court; however, he experienced some pretty hilarious situations while sharing a locker room with Dennis.

Crazy night out with Dennis

Shaq said Rodman never took showers immediately after games and would just walk out even if he played the whole game. Everybody knows Rodman was a party animal back in the '90s at the peak of his career and what Shaq witnessed at one of the nightclubs was a pretty bizarre scene. Rodman with over 30 girls, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Downey Jr, all in one group.

"I'll give him this: He was funny. Like, he never took a shower after the game. After a hard game playing forty minutes, he'd just put his stuff on and walk right out. Next thing I know, I'd see him at some club that night with about thirty girls on him—those crazy, techno, ecstasy highlight parties. I once walked into one of those parties. Leonardo DiCaprio's there. Robert Downey, Jr., he's there. All these cats making weird faces. It's dark as hell. People are drinking. D. Rod popping Cristalle champagne, showing off. A lot of stars. A lot of girls, some of them taking their tops off. I just got out of there. Quick."

There were numerous legendary stories about Rodman's on-court performances but even equally unbelievable off-court anecdotes. One time a TV crew followed Rodman to the nightclub, and it was evident women were throwing themselves at him at all costs, so having 30 girls with him, as Shaq said, was probably a regular night out for Dennis. Even for someone as famous as Shaq, seeing Rodman party in the way he did, creating absolute havoc in a nightclub, was an eye-opener that made Rodman one of the most iconic personalities in the history of the NBA.

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