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Shaq once splurged on Rolls-Royce to outdo Mike Tyson

Shaq-Mike Tyson

Shaq-Mike Tyson

Shaquille O’Neal’s nature sometimes confuses fans. Is he just funny or trying to be funny? Is he really competitive or trying to act as if he’s competitive? Mike Tyson found out the real Shaq when the two went to a Rolls-Royce dealer together.

Immature or overly competitive?

O’Neal and Iron Mike form an unlikely pair and a scary one at that. Shaq stands at 7’1”, and Tyson, despite only being 5’11”, was the baddest man on the planet at his peak. So what could these two mean looking with threatening presence be doing in their spare time? Burn money, that is. 

The Lakers legend shared that he and Tyson went to a Rolls-Royce dealership. Mike bought three and O’Neal, who didn’t want to get outshined by his friend, bought two of his own, which slashed around $600,000 off his bank account.

“One time, me and Tyson was in the Rolls-Royce dealership and Tyson bought three," O'Neal recalled. "And I wasn’t gonna buy three, but I wasn’t gonna let him outdo me. So I bought two. Six hundred thousand going down the drain. I had it, but Lester called me like ‘hey, gotta stop this’ so.”

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Diesel could certainly afford it. With a reported net worth of around $400 million, 600 grand seemed like a spare change. However, it was an unnecessary purchase that was frowned upon by his financial advisor. 

Shaq’s money lessons

Shaq can look back on this incident and laugh at it, but he learned his lesson well. His splurging adventures when he was a young stud in the league were all documented. Fortunately, he did not stray off the path. O’Neal’s life lessons serve as guides to young stars in the NBA. When you’re young, you feel limitless and think the money doesn’t stop coming in. Taking care of your body is lesson number one. Number two is saving and investing in other ventures outside basketball. 

Some of the businesses he owns or used to own are 50 car washes, 17 Auntie Anne’s, and 155 Five Guys. Also, aside from being Papa John’s brand ambassador, Shaq also sits as one of the company's board of directors. Clearly, O’Neal has changed for the better. The upstroke is this.

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