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Young Shaq once dunked on Michael Jordan AND Scottie Pippen


Shaquille O'Neal was a monster, especially when he entered the league. Had he stayed in shape throughout his NBA career who knows how many rings he'd have. It's a shame he didn't take better care of himself — but Shaq wasn't about that life anyway. He preferred sipping on Piña coladas by the poolside once the season was over, while Kobe was putting in 10 hours of work in the gym.

Have you seen highlights of young Shaq? I'm sure you have, who hasn't. But in case you're just entering the realm of basketball — I urge you to YouTube it immediately. Orlando Shaq is the perfect combination of strength and agility. Probably the best we've ever seen, alongside Wilt The Stilt. It was during his Orlando days that the famous dunk on MJ and Pip took place.

The Bulls met up with the Magic in the Eastern Conference semifinals in 1995, when Jordan had just returned to the team from his baseball vacation.

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Some of you may say — yeah, he didn't dunk on MJ and if you are one of those, I kindly ask you to take a better look at the slow-motion. Shaq was all over MJ and the #goat is lucky to be caught on the side — because if it was a frontal collision, Shaq would have run him over like a train. Pippen was more of an observer, but there's not much he could have done to The Diesel in this situation.

While the dunk is certainly impressive, and the Magic did go on to win that series before falling in the Finals to the Houston Rockets, Jordan had his fair share of highlights at the expense of O'Neal as well.

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