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Retired Michael Jordan comes back for the 1994 Pippen All-Star Classic.


Back in 1994, during his first retirement, Michael Jordan took part in the last basketball game ever played in the old Chicago Stadium, the Scottie Pippen All-Star Classic. This game was the perfect way of saying goodbye to the former Chicago Bulls venue, where they played for 27 years.

The GOAT would go on to hit 24-of-46 shots, scoring a game-high 52 points and leading his White Team to 187-150 win over Pippen and the Red Team. His old running mate was powerless to stop him.

When you put this into perspective — Pippen is one of the greatest perimeter defenders of all time, and he’s going against a retired player still trying to figure out how to hit a major league curveball.

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The final score suggests that this was a friendly game, but even isolated against Jordan, Pip is powerless to defend his turnaround, a reminder of what is to come starting with the 1995-96 season. Also, a reminder that MJ is GOAT.


An iconic moment happened at the end of the game when MJ was at center court, got down on his hands and knees to kiss the Chicago Bulls logo and waved goodbye to the fans.

Amazing to see prime MJ playing against prime Scottie.

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