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Reggie Miller's Shooting Clinic - 57 Points against Hornets

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In the rich NBA history, Reggie Miller will be remembered as one of the best shooters of all time, the player that has brought to the franchise from Indiana more than any other man.

He is one of the few NBA greats who has never changed the club, he has spent an incredible 18 seasons in Indiana and played 15 times in the playoffs. Gladiator battles with the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers and other clubs we do not need to mention very much, just to point out that Reggie was the main player, leader, and captain through all of these battles. Only God knows how many years of life he took away from Knicks fans in the mid and late 90s, not to mention Spike Lee. Because of all the achievements and legendary moments, Reggie was inducted in the Hall of Fame, and his place in Springfield is completely justified and deserved. Also the game against Charlotte in 1992. helped him to earn the place in the basketball heaven.

At the beginning of the 1992/93 season Pacers were a young team that was still struggling for its place at the top of the East. With the Chuck Person's departure, Indiana remained without a great scorer and shooter but also without a possible big problem in the locker room. With such a result, most of the baskets fell on the back of Miller, who had great support in Detlef Schrempf and Rik Smits. After 11 games played in the new season, the Pacers were on troubled 5 wins and 6 defeats, and their next encounter was Charlotte, a difficult away game at another playoff team led by the great double duo Alonzo Mourning-Larry Johnson.

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When at the very beginning of the game Hornets guard David Wingate blocked Miller's shot from the perimeter, no one expected the explosion to happen just ten minutes later. Reggie's indifference continued throughout the first quarter, he scored only 7 points (the total number of Pacers points was 38 after the first quarter), while the rest of the attacking plays went to Schrempf and Smits, both of whom destroyed the Hornets defense. The Pacers played very well, and when Reggie returned to the field in the middle of the second quarter, he went to the “shooting clinic”.

During the second and third quarter, in just over 15 playing minutes, Miller scored 43 points. In six minutes of the second quarter, he scored 20, while in the third quarter he scored 23 points. By the end of the game, Reggie scored 57 points, and Pacers eventually won the game with high 134:122. This scoring outburst helps solidify Reggie's legacy as a scorer since most of the top players have at least one great game to their name.

To top it off, Reggie only took 29 shots to get to 57 points. He was also 21-23 from the free throw line and managed to add eight assists and five boards to his total.

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