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Perkins calls KD out


Kendrick Perkins is making his way in the media business. After 15 years in the league, Perk has stories to tell. He was on the Celtics during their last championship run and then moved to OKC to see Durant, Westbrook, and Harden grow up. He finished his career on the Cavs bench while they were chasing the Warriors. Perk knows people.

One of his guys recently moved to Brooklyn. Perk is close to Durant, but unlike most former players, he will say what he thinks even when his friends don't want to hear it. That's the character and attitude he would bring to his teams and is bringing to his media appearances now. 

In an appearance on the Sedano Show, Perk talked about KD moving to Golden State. More specifically, about Steven A. saying that KD changed his mind in the last minute in the Hamptons. 

You may not have herd, but KD is quite sensitive about his public image and isn't shy about confronting reporters when they write or speak about him. His approach can be described as your average high schoolers "you don't know me" shtick. KD is often described as a person that changes its mind a lot, and the last thing he hears will likely be his opinion, so he was sensitive about Steven A. saying this:

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During that episode, KD reached out to Steven A. directly, so we had the chance to get a live reaction:

"Kevin Durant reached out, said it’s BS what I’m saying, you know. I should check my sources, you understand. And that’s all he said. He did not elaborate, but I want to make sure I’m fair because I did emphasize that I did not speak to him."

Smith told KD that if the story is BS, then several people are telling the same BS about him. The last confirmation wasn't from a source, but public. Kendrick Perkins confirmed Smith's story on the Sedano Show:

"Everything Stephen a Smith said was facts, KD is tripping, KD told Russ, Collison and Royal Ivey at a dinner that he was coming back and then went to the Hamptons and changed his mind"

So it seems Durant truly did tell his teammates he is staying and then changed his mind. KD may have had a lot of different reasons to do so, and had every right to change his mind. The fact he's trying to refute a story that seems to be true is worse than the story itself. 

Yeah, maybe it would've been better he called Russ than just sent a text. But that's between him and Russ. So he should just relax, say "Yeah, the Warriors convinced me, and I gave it a shot."


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