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ONE OF THE  DUMBEST INJURIES EVER Manny Haris and wet socks


NFL star Antonio Brown had one of the most volatile seasons in recent history, and it kicked off with him posting a photo of his feet after misusing a cryo chamber. Brown was in France and used a cryo-chamber without appropriate footwear. If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t check it out if you ate in the last hour. 

A decade ago, a cryo chamber ended an NBA career. The league was in lockout due to a CBA dispute, and players were not allowed to work in the team's facilities. They worked out on their own, staying in shape and waiting for the season to start. Unfortunately for Harris, that meant no one pointed out an important detail before he got into a cryo chamber at Nike’s facilities in Beaverton, Ore

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a way to either supplement traditional ice baths or replace them entirely. This involves standing in a sealed room and being exposed to extremely cold, dry air for a period of 2-3 minutes. Temperatures are normally below -100 degrees, with liquid nitrogen and refrigerated air being used to blast the person receiving treatment.

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In order to make the procedure safe, players are given protective a headband to cover the ears, a mask to avoid directly breathing in the cold air, and special dry socks or shoes, designed to provide a layer between the body and the ground. Harris messed up the dry socks or shoe part.

He got into the cryo chamber in wet socks. This resulted in a terrible freeze burn. Due to the lockout, Harris was not allowed to be treated by the team doctor but left to take care of it on his own. The healing process reportedly didn’t go as planned, and Harris was kept from competing for a job during training camp because of the setback. 

Harris was in better shape than expected when he reported to training camp once the lockout ended, but in the end, the Cavaliers cut him from the team. A few years later he played a bit for the Lakers (13/14) and Mavericks (16/17), but his career was effectively over. 

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