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Muggsy Bogues on how his height impacted young Steph Curry — “He’d see a guy like myself out there playing against bigger guys”

Aside from his father Dell Curry, Muggsy Bogues played a huge role in Steph Curry's formative years in the game.
Muggsy Bogues and Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry

Muggsy Bogues and Steph Curry

All throughout his entire NBA career, Muggsy Bogues served as a living example of the famous adage “small but terrible.” Despite being 5-foot-3, Bogues undeniably made a huge impact on every team he played for, most notably with the Charlotte Hornets.

Bogues played almost ten seasons with the Hornets. During that stretch, he played alongside Stephen Curry’s father, Dell Curry. The pair’s relationship did not end inside the basketball court as they also became good friends. In fact, Bogues’ daughter even became playmates with the young Steph back in the day.

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SMALL man, BIG motivator

At a young age, Steph already fell in love with the game of basketball, having been courtside during Hornets’ games to watch his dad. While it was a no-brainer that Dell was Steph’s best role model, Bogues knew that him being able to stand tall against giants also inspired Steph.

Well, back then, [nobody] was thinking about Steph being the type of player he is today,” Bogues told HoopsHype in 2019. “You knew he was interested in the game of basketball, but that’s it. Him and my daughter grew up together and spent a lot of time together since they’re around the same age and Dell and I are close friends. Steph just wanted to play basketball; it was a hobby for him. He wanted to play like his dad.

He was never the biggest kid out there, but he’d see a guy like myself out there playing against bigger guys so he never got discouraged or distracted [about his size],” he continued. “Now, he’s one of the best shooters in the world, if not the best. It’s just a remarkable story. I remember picking him up and giving him airplane rides in our locker room when he was 5 years old! Now, he’s a two-time MVP and three-time champion. It’s such a blessing to see.

A tribute to a giant

Steph and Bogues’ unique friendship lasted for years. In fact, when the NBA looked back at their special bond in Charlotte last November, the Golden State Warriors superstar paid tribute to his “giant” pal.

These days, Steph and Bogues no longer see each other in the flesh as regularly as back then. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Muggsy will always have a special place in Steph’s heart.

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