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MJ: "I'm just a fun guy."


Every superstar cares about their legacy. They think of the big picture after they retire -not just the championships, but how many MVP's they've won, how many All-Star and All-NBA teams were they on. What gets them even more respect from their NBA alumni is the stories about their competitiveness and dedication.

Kobe learning french just so he could trash talk Tony Parker, LeBron spending millions of dollars throughout his career on his body (I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think the reports included the hairline treatments), or James Harden preparing for overtime in strip clubs all over the country. Something about decision making, we didn't get the full report yet. A part of Jordan's GOAT status is earned with these kinds of stories, you've heard most of them before.

Bulls practice was often more laborious than most NBA games, Jordan would use mind games to get under opponent's skin weeks in advance of their games. Everything was a competition and an opportunity to get an edge. I hate to break it to you, but it was all a lie. Here's how he wants to be remembered.

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I just want them to remember me. Just a fun guy who enjoyed life and made a lot of different creative ideas work, and was a part of a lot of fun things. Was always approachable, never felt like he was isolated from normal people.

Michael Jordan

A fun guy that made a lot of different creative ideas work? MJ was a Kawhi-Kyrie hybrid, and no-one is talking about it! Forget about the big hands, spectacular athleticism, or mid-range dominance. What connects MJ and Kawhi is that they are some of the most fun guys in NBA history. So that urban myth of Jordan being demanding and challenging needs to stop. Let Kobe wear that crown. In the Shaq vs. Kobe approach to basketball, we now know who's side MJ was on.

“Was always approachable. Never felt like he was isolated from normal people. A lot of times you get people who were successful who were isolated, people are afraid to come up and say something to them. I love when people come up to me, at least say "hello," or they like something that I've done.”

Michael Jordan

On a more serious note, MJ talking about being approachable was something he cared a lot about. Many reporters with locker-room access to the 90s Bulls talked about Jordan being available and ready to talk all the time. He took the ambassador role of the NBA very seriously and cared about the fans. 

Despite what MJ said, I'm not sure he would made the NBA's "Top 100 fun guys." Maybe he was just trying to seem fun and approachable during that interview.

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