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MJ continually cheated Pippen out of money


If winning is a drug, Micahel Jordan is the ultimate addict. You'd think a man who has so many championships, money and overall sucsess wouldn't use every possible opportunity to win at something, and you'd be wrong. 

Friend or foe, from the moment he wakes up to the moment he goes to sleep, Jordan has is "competitiveness" setting to max. Just remember this past All-Star weekend. James Harden was having an amazing 30 point streak and Westbrook was having a triple-double streak. When a reporter asked MJ what was in his eyes the more impressive achievement, MJ said this:

I'm very proud of what both guys have done because they're making their mark for the league. It really helps grow the league. Which is harder than a player's standpoint? Six championships, by all means.

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He just couldn't help himself. Had to have said it, and the history books are full of examples like these. One of those goes back to his Bulls days and his most important teammate, his 1B - Scottie Pippen. This story comes from Amin Elhassan on the "Lowe Post":

“[Jordan] would show up really early to get his shots up on game day. If you show up to an arena early enough, you’ll see the gamehouse people basically doing a dry run through everything. Everything from the national anthem to the … One of the things they have is that thing where it’s like the three Bulls flying, and it’s like ‘Who’s gonna win?’ So Mike is watching this and is like, ‘Oh, so you guys already know [who ’s going to win]?’ And the guy says, ‘Yeah we know; it’s all pre-recorded.’ [Jordan says] ‘So you know who’s gonna win tonight, right?’ And he says, ‘Yeah, the red one.’"

You see where this is going, right? MJ has an angle to set someone up and make some money. Well, he doesn't need the money, but he does need to win. But who he picks and for how long it goes on?

“Fast-forward to the game. Timeout. Phil is drawing up a play. Mike goes to Scottie and says, ‘Hundred bucks the red one wins.’ And then proceeds to do this for the rest of the season and Scottie never catches on.”

Out of all people, MJ did it to Scottie for THE REST OF THE SEASON!! Pippen should have an accountant calculate the interest rate and call Michael up.

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