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Michael Jordan still has the worst three-point contest score ever

“I wanted to forget about that,” he deadpanned. “I think I got the record for the lowest point total ever (he did), and nobody was guarding me. I got humbled real quick”
Michael Jordan warming up for the three-point contest.

Michael Jordan warming up for the three-point contest.

To begin the most dominated tear of a decade ever, the GOAT entered his first and last three-point contest ever, knocking down 5-30 shots (16.67 percent), and implanting his name as the All-Time worst contestant ever. But a still championship-less Michael Jordan would only have to suck up those jokes for less than 3 years before he would set a new three-point record that is still alive today.

But first, the rankings:

Worst of the worst

All-Time worst three-point contest performers:

  1. Michael Jordan: 5/30 - 1990

T1. Detlef Schremf: 5/30 - 1988

  1. Vladimir Radmanovic: 6/30 - 2005
  2. Antoine Walker: 7/30 - 2003
  3. Clyde Drexler: 8/30 - 1991

T4. Sam Perkins: 8/30 - 1997

T4. Steve Smith: 8/30 - 2002

  1. Paul George: 19/64 (29.69%) - 2013 + 2018

T5. Joe Johnson: 19/64 (29.69%) - 2005 + 2014

  1. Norm Nixon: 9/30 (30%) - 1986

T6. Rimas Kurtinaitis: 9/30 (30%) - 1989

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T6. Bob Sura: 9/30 (30%) - 2003

  1. B.J Armstrong: 19/60 (31.67%) - 1993 + 1994

T7. Dan Majerle: 19/60 (31.67%) - 1993 + 1995

  1. Allen Iverson: 10/30 (33.33%) - 2000

T8. Byron Russell: 10/30 (33.33%) - 2001

  1. Kyle Lowry: 35/102 (34.31%) - 2016 + 2017
  2. Drazen Petrovic: 21/60 (35%) - 1992

The Shrug

After the aforementioned embarrassment, but after his first NBA championship, Jordan set the record for the most three-pointers in a half of an NBA Finals. He went 6-9 from deep in what was a 35-point first half. Not bad for a non-shooter.

Right in the middle of the carnage, Jordan gave the infamous shrug of disbelief towards the commentator's bench, as if even he was surprised they were going in. They won the game by 35 points, so of course, Jordan brought up the 1990 three-point contest.

“I wanted to forget about that,” he deadpanned. “I think I got the record for the lowest point total ever (he did), and nobody was guarding me. I got humbled real quick”,

Michael Jordan, The Chicago Tribune 

That moment unequivocally silenced the critics. To watch him hit his first three-pointer 6 minutes and 3 seconds into the first quarter and then not miss another one of his next five attempts was legendary - even by this era’s standards of shooting. But more than excellent marksmanship, he set an NBA record for most points in a half of an NBA Finals game, surpassing Elgin Baylor with 33.

Another locked record for MJ?

There are many records in the three-point contest. Craig Hodges holds the record for most shots made in one round with 21/25. Funny enough, Hodges won the very contest Jordan sucked at. I guess he had to win one after competing in 5 straight followed up by a consecutive 3 goes around to make it an 8-year 3pt contest run. Still, he only won 2, while Larry Bird holds the record with 3.

But with the new format, the maximum potential score got pushed to 40, meaning a record of lows is highly unlikely to be surpassed. At least not in this era where only one player represented the 2010s.

MJ’s legacy will continue to live on for the best - and the worst. 

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