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Michael Jordan loved McDonald’s so much he always ordered the same item as his pre-workout meal

MJ's love for McDonalds went so far that the fast-food company had an exclusive McJordan meal sold only in Chicago
Chicago Bulls guard Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan

Basketball players follow a strict diet to perform at their best. More and more players hire chefs and nutritionists to keep their diet in check. However, they’re still human and crave food that isn’t optimal for athletic performance. Michael Jordan was no different and former teammate Stacey King revealed how the great MJ always ordered one item on the McDonald’s menu.

Michael Jordan’s love for McDonald’s

Diet and fitness weren’t as big as today compared to the 80s and 90s. Michael Jordan used to binge-eat McDonald’s, specifically sausage McMuffin, before practices. So while MJ would burn every calorie from his pre-practice meal because of how hard he worked in the gym, he didn’t set an example for his teammates.

Mike hired Tim Grover to help him get in the best shape possible. The personal trainer restructured Jordan’s diet to five to six small meals per day. Other NBA players also loved McDonald’s, but Michael Jordan’s connection went beyond being a consumer. He filmed a commercial in 1993 with Larry Bird which quickly became iconic.

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Not to be outdone, the popular fast-food chain even released a meal dedicated to the 6-time NBA champion: MJ’s own McJordan meal.

How to recreate the McJordan meal

At the peak of MJ’s popularity in the early 90s, McDonald’s decided to release a meal in his honor. Called McJordan meal, it consisted of a cheeseburger on a sesame bun. It also featured pickles, raw onions, bacon, mustard, and barbeque sauce. Customers could only order the offer in Chicago-based McDonald’s branches to make it more exclusive. Fans consumed the McJordan because they felt close to their basketball idol. The McJordan was reportedly priced at $1.89 and was sold in 350 branches in the Chicago area.

The meal was a hit, and McDonald’s decided to extend its offerings. Eventually, the fast-food chain made McJordan available outside Chicago, specifically in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. But everything has its end. By 1993, McJordan ceased to exist.

After MJ, Saweetie, Travis Scott, Korean boy band BTS, and J. Balvin all collaborated with McDonald’s, but McJordan would always remain a legend in the celebrity meals game. 

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