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Meet the only broadcaster in NBA history to get ejected from the game: Mike Rice Sr.

Mike Rice Sr., longtime Portland Trail Blazers analyst and broadcaster, was full of love for his team and it showed in the way he delivered the games.
Meet the only broadcaster in NBA history to get ejected: Mike Rice Sr.

Mike Rice is truly a unique personality outside of being an NBA broadcaster

People could get tossed out of the arena in the NBA for improper behavior. We've seen players, coaching staff, and fans get escorted out over the years, but one time, a member of the broadcasting panel got ejected due to a disagreement with a game official. His name is Mike Rice Sr., and here's his story.

Mike Rice's ejection

Mike Rice Sr. had been with the Portland Trail Blazers for more than a quarter of a century. His voice was already associated with the city. Although he had his shortcomings, no one could blame him for being the Trail Blazers' number one fan. As a game announcer, Mike should not let his feelings be known, but he still did his thing, getting him into trouble.

In 1994, Mike Rice Sr. got ejected from a game because he argued with Steve Javie, who was notorious for being one of the strictest game officials. To be fair, Javie also tossed out a team mascot, so he's quite the trigger-happy guy.

Rice Sr. was axed from the broadcasting panel in 2016, albeit in a controversial manner. He and his partner Mike Barrett were suddenly replaced without a valid reason, issues, or scandals. The two were under contract, too. But these things add to the colorful resume of the former Portland Trail Blazers' analyst. Love him or hate him, the man stayed loyal and faithful to the city.

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Controversies run in the family

Rice Sr. is also funny and acerbic on social media. Fans that follow him on Twitter know about this—subtly asking fans for Blazers tickets? Easy work for Mike.

He's also joined the BlazerDancers if you need more proof of how entertaining he is.

However, his son, Mike Rice Jr., made headlines for the wrong reasons. He once coached Rutgers University but was fired after videos of him being abusive to players surfaced. Rice Jr. apologized for his mistakes. But the damage has been done, including his tarnished reputation.

Mike Rice Sr. did some antics, but they were never hurtful or embarrassing, contrary to what his son did. Maybe Rice Jr. could take a page off his dad's life to live his passion for the game in the right way. 

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