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Magic Johnson shares how Michael Jordan told him he would destroy Clyde Drexler the night before the famous 'Shrug Game'

Magic Johnson on what Michael Jordan told him he would do to Clyde Drexler

Magic Johnson on what Michael Jordan told him he would do to Clyde Drexler

Michael Jordan had numerous legendary games throughout his 15-year-long career, and many of them came when it mattered the most. One of those games popularly known as 'The Shrug Game' in the 1992 NBA finals against the Portland Trail Blazers led by another great shooting guard of that generation, Clyde Drexler

Jordan wanted to show Drexler he is the best

It was Game 1 in Chicago, and Jordan went along and broke a few records along the way for a significant win for the Bulls. He ended with 35 points after the first two quarters and 39 in total for the entire game, and the most iconic moment happened when he made that sixth three and shrugged his shoulders in disbelief.

Interestingly enough, Magic Johnson, the commentator for NBC at the time, shared an interesting anecdote of a night before Jordan's big game. Apparently, Mike wasn't worried about the series being tied at 1-1 and the Bulls playing two games in Portland. Magic said they played cards until late at night, and when he suggested to Jordan that he should get some rest, it immediately infuriated Jordan. So he immediately let Magic know Drexler will not have a standing chance in tomorrow's game no matter when he goes to bed.

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"I'm on NBC calling the games. I'm at his house the night before. He called me, and we played cards. We're playing cards, and it got to be about 1 am in the morning, and the game is the next night. So I said, let me go so you can get some rest. He said no you stay here because I'm gonna tear Clyde Drexler up tomorrow. And he got this look on his face like he wanted to play him right there."

Magic Johnson, via Jimmy Kimmel

Magic couldn't believe when Jordan started hitting threes

Magic initially didn't think Jordan would go off in the way he did, but when he started hitting one three after the other, Magic knew he was witnessing something historic. Then, after Jordan made his sixth three, he turned out to Magic did the shrug implying even he wasn't expecting something like that.

"So I’m thinking, okay, maybe he is just said that. We get to the game, and he hits that first three. Then the second three, and the third three. Remember, he is hitting them in a row. He hits six threes. So the last one he hit, he turned and looked at me. It was to me, what did I tell you I was going to do."

Magic Johnson, via Jimmy Kimmel

Michael Jordan would end up having a truly dominant series against the Blazers, averaging 36 points and winning the NBA Finals MVP. Numerous stories display the ultimate confidence with which Jordan played the game, knowing he was often far superior to his competition, and that time in the Finals against Drexler, it was no different. 

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