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Lamar Odom will never forget a party at Prince's mansion: "There were some of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen in L.A. dressed in tight skirts and sheer black tops"

Lamar Odom will never forget a wild night he had at a party Prince organised at his mansion where he saw all the biggest Hollywood celebrities

Partying with big-time Hollywood actors, musicians, and celebrities from all walks of life is intriguing to many ordinary people because it's the type of lifestyle we can only imagine what it's like. Every now or then, stories resurface on what those parties/events look like, and just recently, Lamar Odom shared what it was like to attend a massive party organized by none other than the late great musician Prince.

The mansion was full of beautiful women 

In his new book Darkness To Light, Odom recalls a night that was completely surprising to him in which he was invited to a big party Prince was hosting at his mansion in L.A. To make this story even more interesting, it was none other than his former girlfriend, actress Taraji Henson who invited him to that party because of her previous connection with Prince. Obviously, that was an opportunity Odom didn't want to miss out on because it was well known Prince organized the best and most extravagant parties in the business. 

As soon as he stepped foot at Prince's mansion, Odom was impressed by all the beautiful women who ensured all the guests felt comfortable and welcomed. Prince was known as someone who had great taste and a good sense for aesthetics which Odom saw firsthand when he arrived at his mansion that looked like a scene from a movie. 

"We got there about two in the morning. When the gates opened, women set off in pairs were there to wait on the guests hand and foot. They were some of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen in LA, dressed in tight skirts and sheer black tops with their hair and makeup done perfectly. They had the kind of beauty that would intimidate even the most confident man. Everything was so tasteful and elegant. Prince was so detail oriented and spared no expense. They took our coats, brought us drinks, and directed us to a parlor in the back of the house. We passed through corridors with twenty-foot-high ceilings and white marble floors lined with massive columns like something out of Greek mythology".

Odom saw all the most important celebrities at the party

Attending this party also allowed Odom to see all the most prominent celebrities he previously only saw on TV. Chris Tucker and Whitney Houston were just some of the names he mentions that were present, just having a good time. Obviously, this was also the first time Odom met Prince in person, which was like a dream come true for him, knowing how influential Prince was as an artist during his time. 

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"When we entered the parlor, there wasn't a single face I didn't recognize. We sat down, and to my immediate left was Whitney Houston. Comedian Chris Tucker to the right. I tried to be cool, but I couldn't believe how close I was to Prince. The other thing that struck me was how deep his speaking voice was. It seemed strange coming from someone of such small stature".

Prince made sure everyone felt comfortable and welcomed

On top of being a generational talent in the music industry, Prince knew how to be a great host. His parties were considered some of the best simply because of his ability to make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable, and he had this unique ability to set the right mood for all his guests. Odom even said he was the leading entertainer that night, sitting in the center, playing his guitar, and accepting song requests from his guests. 

"He stood in the center of the room clutching an electric guitar. It looked so easy to him as he went through his hits and even a few songs I'd never heard before. As the night wore on, people began to shout out requests. Unable to summon the courage, I asked Taraji to request "Somewhere Here on Earth." She did so gleefully, but he didn't play it. "That night I learned how real this Hollywood stuff was, and I simply couldn't believe I was right in the middle of it".

Odom's encounter with Prince wasn't the only one when NBA players had a memorable moment with the superstar artist. Former NBA player Carlos Boozer once rented his house in Bel Air to Prince, who turned it into a nightclub. Shaquille O'Neal was also in awe when he met Prince for the first time because he saw some of the most beautiful women feeding him grapes at a party, after which Shaq realized Prince was on another level that even NBA stars couldn't reach. 

Prince was undoubtedly one of the most naturally talented artists in the world, and his status in the music industry was pretty much unmatched. On top of that, he was a big basketball fan that actively played in high school and always remained close to the sport, which makes him an even greater legend.

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