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Kobe Bryant's hilarious response to Dwyane Wade breaking his nose in an All-Star Game

kobe & wade

We all know Kobe Bryant was such a fierce and motivated competitor that some people would call it psychotic. Dwyane Wade was often on the other end of those battles, as the two shooting guards had numerous matchups during their careers, establishing great respect and friendship between each other.

Wade shared a funny and remarkable story that happened in the 2012 All-Star Game when the two greats were battling it out in Orlando. Kobe would drive to the hoop, as he got fouled hard by Wade, resulting in a broken nose. Not a sight you usually see in an All-Star Game, being the first flagrant foul in the history of the game. It was an accident, and Kobe wouldn't take it to heart. Actually, it was the polar opposite, as the competitor in Kobe loved it. Wade shared the story in a sit-down conversation with Kevin Garnett before the 2019 All-Star Game:

"Me and Kob' got into a little tussle in the All-Star Game, and I ended up hitting him the wrong way and breaking his nose. … So after the All-Star break, we got the Lakers about three games after the break … I call him, not maliciously. I didn't maliciously do it. I called him and said 'Yo Kob" and he was like 'Bro, I love it.' I'm like He's like 'I love it. I'll see you in a couple of days.' And I'm like 'Oh snap.' And he gave it to me, too, boy."

Dwyane Wade, via Open Court

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Kevin Garnett had a hilarious reaction to Wade's story, as he just signaled the crazy sign referring to Kobe. Kobe and the West would still take the 152-149 win that night, with Kobe scoring 27 points to Dwyane Wade's 24-point triple-double.

As for the Lakers-Heat game that happened shortly after that event, Kobe would make sure he gets his revenge versus Wade, dropping 33 points and holding Wade to just 16 points in the Lakers' win—further proving the legend of Kobe's revengeful and competitive nature against anybody, especially some of the greater players like Wade.

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