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Kevin Garnett on Hakeem Olajuwon's trash talk: "He'll tell you what he's about to do"

Kevin Garnett & Hakeem Olajuwon

KG shares a wild story about Hakeem

When we’re talking about the nastiest trash talkers in the NBA, the name Kevin Garnett immediately comes to mind. The Big Ticket will literally say anything to get into the heads of his foes. Some lines will be crossed, but everything is fair game for Garnett. Just ask Richard Jefferson who, per Sideline Sources, confirmed that KG has done and said all sorts of nasty things on the court.

In a recent interview, Garnett shared that there’s one particular old head who’s a better trash talker than him. Houston Rockets legend Hakeem Olajuwon isn’t the type of trash talker who’ll drag your loved ones into the mix. Instead, Olajuwon will tell you exactly what he’s about to do. And the worst part is, you won’t be able to do anything about it.

"Olajuwon, another m********** that takes s*** to you. Olajuwon would take his mouthpiece out and say, ‘I’m here to hit him with lateral movement! He can’t do anything!’ How do I even respond to that? I have nothing for that," Garnett said, on Million Dollaz Worth of Game.

Interestingly, this is the second time Garnett has shared this trivia about Olajuwon. In a 2014 ESPN article, Garnett dropped Olajuwon’s name as one of the top three trash talkers in his list. The other two are Gary Payton and Michael Jordan. 

"And, believe it or not," Garnett said, "Hakeem Olajuwon. "The Dream" talking smack? "Yeah, man," Garnett replied. "And he played with a mouthpiece."And you could still understand him?

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"I definitely could hear it, articulate it, understand it, comprehend it," Garnett said. "Yeah. Hell yeah."

"He was a nightmare some nights, man," Garnett later added.

While Garnett’s story doesn’t have video proof, it’s still a believable story. The Dream is one of those discreet killers on the hardcourt. He will only open his mouth when he wants to. Most of the time, he’ll let his sleek basketball moves do the talking.

Below is an example of Olajuwon jawing with Utah Jazz legend Karl Malone. We cannot hear what they’re saying. But from their body language, we can say that some tension is brewing between the two legends. 

It would be interesting to see if San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson has something to say about Garnett’s story. Did Olajuwon tell him exactly what he would do to him in the 1995 Western Conference Finals?

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