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John Salley on Michael Jordan being called a hypocrite by a former Bad Boy: "He's right"

Even though the two are friends, Salley couldn't argue this point.
John Salley and Michael Jordan

John Salley and Michael Jordan

A former role player on the Detroit Pistons "Bad Boys," William Bedford, called Michael Jordan a hypocrite for his criticism of the dirty play the Pistons embraced because he himself played that way later in his career and in order to win his championships. John Salley, who was a big part of the "Bad Boys," but also later on Jordan's teammate and friend, agreed with that take.

Bulls-Pistons rivalry

Before Michael Jordan became a 6x Champion and the undisputed king of the NBA world, he had to earn his stripes and endure tough losses. MJ's biggest foe would be the Detroit "Bad Boys" Pistons, who kicked him out of the playoffs three times before finally overcoming them in 1991.

It wasn't pretty, as the Pistons would routinely rough up Jordan and contain him that way in order to stop him. MJ obviously wasn't the biggest fan of the "Bad Boys," and when he finally managed to overcome them, Michael would share his criticism for their dirty play.

It was more about Laimbeer, Isiah, Mahorn, Dumars, Rodman, and others, but a role player on that team, William Bedford, recently called out Jordan and labeled him a hypocrite for going after the "Bad Boys":

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"It didn't clean up. It didn't stop. Other teams picked it up. The New York Knicks picked up right after us. The Bad Boy image didn't stop. And he(Jordan) beefed up to get those next championships too. They started playing the same way. Why? Because you got out players."

William Bedford, djvlad

John Salley, who was also a part of those Pistons teams, reacted to Bedford's comments, agreeing with the take despite being a good friend with MJ:

"Right, me, Buddha(James Edwards), Dennis Rodman. Pillars. They needed that. They needed that stability. And they had four. They had Phil Jackson. Phil Jackson had literally the offense with Tex Winter...That's why the Bulls were who the Bulls were."

John Salley, djvlad

MJ used Bad Boys' tactics

It's hard to say Salley and Edwards contributed much, as they only played one season without too much influence in Chicago. But Rodman is the perfect example of the "Bad Boy" culture being implemented to the Bulls and helping them vastly in their second three-peat.

Indeed, Jordan took a page out of the Pistons' playbook later in his career and used some of their players, as well as tactics, to make the Bulls 6x-time champions. After all, if you wanted to dominate in that era of basketball, you had to have that edge on your team. But that is far from the biggest reason Michael finally got over the hump and became the GOAT. Even though it definitely helped.

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