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“He missed one that would have won it for us” — Jerry West reveals the NBA championship game that still keeps him up at night

60 years later, West still thinks about this game before he goes to sleep.
Los Angeles Lakers guard Jerry West

Jerry West

A typical Los Angeles Lakers fan may think that an all-time great like Jerry West is living a legendary life and wouldn’t want to change anything in his Hall of Fame career as a player. But shockingly, there’s one game “The Logo” would like to redo if given the chance.

A huge season for LA

Taking a trip down memory lane, the Lakers had an incredible season in 1962. West finished his second campaign with the “Purple and Gold” with an impressive 30.8 points per game, while his co-star Elgin Baylor a whopping career-best 38.3 points per outing. To top it all off, the Lakers had the best record in the West with 54-26, and the air in Los Angeles city smelled like a championship was nearing. Yet, the one game The Logo would redo is from this season.

It should’ve been West or Baylor

What was expected finally happened, and the Lakers reached the NBA Finals, where they faced Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics. The thrilling championship series boiled down to a pulsating Game 7 overtime at the Boston Garden.

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The C’s took over in OT, but the Lakers could’ve already ended the series had Frank Selvy hit the shot from the corner in the dying seconds of the fourth. As content as he is with the Lakers’ legacy, West wished things could’ve played out differently during that game.

The game was tied, and Frank Selvy, who was playing for us at the time, he and I are the backcourt,” West detailed on The Dan Patrick Show. “He made a shot to put us in overtime, and he missed one that would have won it for us. And I always used to love moments like that.”

West said, and everybody knew, that he or Baylor should have taken that shot, but they were “double-teamed.” And though he doesn’t have any issues with Selvy for missing that shot, “Mr. Clutch” still thinks about that moment even to this day.

You know, people will talk about Frank for missing that shot. I will never talk about him because he made the one that really mattered… he missed a shot that I’m sure a lot of us would have liked to have. That’s sports. That game, I just, even today, I go to bed and say, ‘Oh my gosh, I wish I coulda had that for that last shot.’ And, again, I don’t know if I would have made it or not. It’s something that I wish I had the opportunity to do,” he confessed.

Indeed, it’s a shame that the Lakers lost the 1962 NBA Finals. Then again, it just shows that in basketball, everything could change with just one shot.

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