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"Girls dropping off panties" — Jeremy Lin on the rumor he dated Kim Kardashian and the craziest things fans did during Linsanity

Off the court, Jeremy Lin had to deal with some creepy behavior during Linsanity.
March 6, 2012; New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin smiles during the game against the Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center

Jeremy Lin

Linsanity was a massive cultural phenomenon that arose in the 2011-12 NBA season thanks to Jeremy Lin’s series of amazing performances. Lin revealed some of the crazy things that happened to him off the court during the time, including the rumors about dating Kim Kardashian, and the shady things fans did to catch his attention.

Dating Kim Kardashian?

You’re already a celebrity by default when you're an NBA player. Some people will recognize you not just because you’re taller than most people, but they’ve also seen you grace the NBA hardcourts.

But if you were Jeremy Lin in the middle of Linsanity, people won’t just recognize you. They’ll link you to various names -- in Lin's case, that's Kim Kardashian. However, the former New York Knicks guard finally put an end to such rumors.

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“Yeah, I’ve never met her before. There are plenty of things that came out… There are so many funny stories, and some that are really creepy. Everything that you can think of happened and everything that you can’t think of happened. On the lighter end, BMW was like, ‘Come on down here, sign a couple of autographs, take a couple of photos, and we’ll give you a BMW.’ I was like, ‘Done.’ There were all types of brands send me free stuff,” Lin said.

This seems like a normal X-deal between celebrities and sponsors. But let’s note that Lin was literally a bench warmer pre-Linsanity. And if you’re sitting on the bench more than you’re playing, you could be cut sooner or later. So Lin was overwhelmed and surprised by how things quickly developed.

Girls and panties

Like most celebrities, Lin had stalkers following him. They engaged in ominous behaviors, such as leaving panties at his parents’ crib.

“And then there’s the creepy stuff of people waiting outside my house or my parents’ house. People hiding in the bushes. Girls dropping off panties at my parents’ house and waiting for me there, stalking me. Really weird stuff!” Lin said.

For those who have fantasies of fame and fortune, Lin’s story should open your eyes to the realities of being a celebrity. If you’re fine with being linked to the biggest names in entertainment and receiving mysterious lingerie, this might be the gig for you. Otherwise, it’s best to live an anonymous existence.

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