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Jason Terry shares how he got the Larry O'Brien trophy tattoo

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Former NBA player Jason Terry is an interesting and somewhat unusual individual but in a very positive way. Some fans already know the stories about his rituals before games or when he tattooed the Larry O'Brien trophy before the Dallas Mavericks actually won the NBA championship. Terry was always unorthodox in some ways, and when he tattooed the trophy on his arm, it caught every one of his teammates surprised.

In an interview for Bleacher Report, Terry revealed how the tattoo came about, and interestingly enough, it wasn't something he initially planned. They had a team building at DeShawn Stephenson's house which, for some strange reason, had a tattoo artist at his house, and everyone was invited to get one if they wanted. At that time, Terry already had a few tattoos and felt like the Larry O'Brien trophy would be a nice addition, simply because he felt confident the Mavericks have what it takes to win the championship.

We are at DeShawn Stephenson's house having some team bonding. We walk in, and he's like, I have a tattoo artist that came through, and you can get whatever you want; it's on me. I'm a man of many tattoos, and all of them have meaning, but this time I was about to do something. So I get the Larry O'Brian trophy tatted on my biceps, but I didn't reveal it that night. I wrapped it up and went home. At the shootaround the next day, we were in Orlando, and coach Carlisle brings everyone in to get ready. I said, hold up I have something for you. I unwrapped it, and then I flexed, and Dirk just busted out laughing, saying this guy is crazy. He's a circus; look at this guy. I was serious, I think we have the team that is going to do it, and then we went on our journey.

Jason Terry, via Bleacher Report

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The Mavs had one of the most remarkable playoffs runs that year when they won their first championship. They beat the Lakers, OKC, and then in the NBA finals, they even took down the Miami Heat led by the big three. Terry was crucial during that run as someone who came off the bench and provided solid minutes and could score 15-20 points on any team if he got it going. Terry was crucial in a few games during that championship run, and getting that tattoo was probably an additional motivation for him to perform, which he most certainly did alongside the entire Mavs squad.

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