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”I'm not about to go up on this tall-ass motherfu***r” — JR Smith reveals Kevin Durant was the reason for his 2018 Finals blunder

JR Smith has a new reason for not attempting a shot in the 2018 finals: Kevin Durant's towering figure.
Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant shoots a three point basket over Cleveland Cavaliers guard JR Smith in the 2018 NBA Finals

Kevin Durant and JR Smith

Everyone’s best memory of JR Smith, unfortunately, is that of the 2018 Finals blunder when he forgot to shoot or call for a timeout in the dying seconds against the Golden State Warriors. The retired shooting guard offered an explanation for making the crucial error.

”I'm not about to go up on this tall-ass motherfu***r”

Smith already talked about why he didn’t attempt a shot or called a timeout and wasted time in Game 1 of the NBA Finals in 2018 against the Golden State Warriors. The Cleveland Cavaliers had a chance to win the game and take control of the series, but JR made a mistake, and the rest is history.

Smith admitted it was an honest mistake on his part, and there was no assurance they would have won the game had he attempted a shot or called a timeout. But right now, it seems he’s singing a different tune: he got intimidated by Kevin Durant. He shared the story on Iman Shumpert’s podcast, Iman Amongst the Men.

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“I had KD (Kevin Durant) right here, and I had somebody on the other side or whatever and the ball came down. So, I, as the ball bounced, I didn’t think I had a chance to get the ball. Honestly. So, when I got the ball I’m like, 'Oh, shit,' but mind you, KD’s still standing right here. So, I’m like, ‘I'm not about to go up on this tall-ass motherfu***r' So, I go. I dribble it out.”

JR Smith, Iman Amongst the Men

Now, KD’s height becomes a factor. In fairness to JR, he was surprised to get the rebound, and having a 7-footer in front of him didn’t help. So the main issue was awareness of the situation. In those crucial moments, players must make fast decisions. In that case, JR got lost in the moment and lost the chance to win the game for his team.

JR Smith changed after the blunder

The sharpshooter admitted to getting depressed after the incident. He became a meme overnight, and it tarnished whatever achievements he had in his career. But what’s done is done, and he chose to move on. JR is now focusing on golf as the next stage of his career.

Smith admitted his mistake, but we’re not sure about the Kevin Durant intimidation factor. What stings the fans is not getting the chance to attempt a shot and go for the win. But as the former Cavalier mentioned, he got lost in the moment, and it is what it is. This new claim would benefit Durant for his intimidation factor and contribution to the championship run in 2018.

It was a learning moment for JR Smith, and no matter what new justification he comes up with next, that blunder will stick with him until the rest of his days. 

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