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"If I knew something about a person's mother or sister, I would go at it!"-Gary Payton shares how cruel he was when talking trash

GP was ruthless!
Gary Payton talking trash to Michael Jordan

Gary Payton talking trash to Michael Jordan

The legendary Gary Payton may be one of the best point guards in NBA history, but what made his career even more memorable and remembered was his trash-talking prowess and unique character. What made him stand out was having no limits or filters, which he proved when he described what he talked about to his opponents.

Getting personal

Trash-talking is a natural part of the game, and throughout the history of the NBA, we have seen numerous players that took pride in verbal battles and trying to get a mental advantage over their opponents. When talking about this subject, some of the most mentioned guys are Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kevin Garnett, Reggie Miller, and many more.

But the undisputed king is, without a doubt, Gary Payton. GP left behind him an illustrious career, winning 1 championship, getting selected to 9 All-Star teams, 9 All-NBA selections, making 9 All-Defensive teams, and even winning one DPOY award. His ability to take on any perimeter player and shut him down is what made Payton such a great player.

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Aside from being agile, quick-handed, and skilled defensively, talking in the ear of his opponents while clamping them down only further propelled his image of a lockdown defender. Guards hated going up against GP, and with sound reasoning.

Payton once even shared what he would talk about when trying to rile up his opponents and get them off their game. Safe to say, GP had no boundaries.

"If I knew something about a person's mother, I knew something about his sister. If he had just got a drunk driving charge, I would go at the situation. It might be cruel to some people, but I would go at it," Gary Payton said, describing how ruthless he would get when talking trash.

No filter allowed

Players usually draw the line when it comes to personal life and keep the talk revolved around the on-court stuff. But not everybody has their filter, and Payton was one of those guys. It may cross a fine line of sportsmanship and respect, but GP wanted to win and gain an advantage by any means necessary.

I'm pretty sure hearing Payton mention your wife or sister would make you rage and lose sight of the game at hand. Although it's pretty dirty and non-respected among NBA players, it's a pretty good way of gaining that allusive mental advantage over a guy. GP had no problem with the repercussions, and that's why the majority of the NBA world will to this day call him the biggest trash-talker the league has ever seen.

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