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“I WOULD'VE GONE TO CHICAGO” Chris Bosh's alternative to signing with the Heat


It's been 22 years since one of the NBA's most iconic sequences - MJ's Game 6 jumper against the Jazz to seal his sixth championship, in what ended up being Michael's final game with the Bulls. It was also the last time the city of Chicago hosted a championship parade, as the franchise's title drought is still ongoing.

If only things played out differently a decade ago, United Center might've had a banner or two more in the rafters.

“I would've gone to Chicago. One thing I didn't expect was Chicago to have such a strong offer. Their pitch was D-Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng, two free agents, Taj Gibson, and we can figure out the rest later. That's a championship team right there.”

Chris Bosh,The Old Man & The Three

The Chicago Bulls were Chris Bosh's second option during the '10 free agency. Hadn't he gone to Miami, one of the leagues best power forwards at that time would've signed with the Bulls. And the best part is, he wouldn't have been the only one to do it.

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“It was going to be kind of a sense where Chicago could’ve got two players, and it probably was going to be LeBron and Chris or me and Chris.”

Dwyane Wade, NBA

Adding Bosh alone to the core of Rose-Deng-Noah sure would've created an Eastern Conference juggernaut. Bringing in LeBron/Wade as well would've ruined the league. And the Bulls were within striking distance of doing so. They even made an effort to trade Luol Deng, so they can have the trio playing together in Chicago, but as you all know, they ended up missing out on all of them.

It's another what-if in Chicago's run over the last couple of decades. Derrick Rose's 'what if he never got injured' remains the biggest one, as it seemed that the youngest MVP in NBA history alone was going to bring the Bulls back to the promised land. But this one is right next to it.

And the worst part about it, if you're a Bulls fan, is that this isn't a reach. Bosh plus another superstar joining Chicago was very close from happening. Instead, it happened for Miami. The upstroke - four straight Finals appearances, and two straight championships.

That could've been you Chicago!

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