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“I was fighting it like hell” - Stephen Curry on Mark Jackson’s firing

Steph Curry's decision to trust the Golden State Warriors top brass has resulted in some of the best years of his NBA career.
Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson talks to guard Stephen Curry

Steph Curry and Mark Jackson

The duo of Steph Curry and Steve Kerr certainly ranks among the pantheon of the greatest star-coach pairings in the history of the NBA. However, there was a time when the Golden State Warriors point guard wasn't exactly on board with the organization bringing Kerr in from the start. It wasn't that Curry disliked the retired sharpshooter, but he wasn't a fan of firing previous coach Mark Jackson.

"Fighting it like hell."

In an appearance on JJ Redick's podcast, the two-time MVP shared some of the what-ifs of his NBA career. It included the "Stan vs. Steve" narrative, the time when the Warriors organization was deciding whom to choose between Kerr and Stan Van Gundy in the 2014 offseason.

But the Davidson College product stated that, in hindsight, Warriors general manager Bob Myers made the right call to replace Jackson with Kerr.

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"You have to have an awareness of what's going on to appreciate the journey in real-time," Curry continued. "Because if you fight it, sometimes you kind of miss your window. But then there's a lot of trust, too. Specifically, [for] Bob Myers, who since my second or third year in the league, since he came on in the fray and the way he's approached the job, the good decisions that he's made and bringing Coach Kerr in, which was a really tumultuous conversation, situation, because I was fighting it like hell. Not against Steve. I didn't want them to fire Mark."

Ultimately, Curry opted to trust Myers not to mess up the organizational moves he was planning then. As it turned out, that decision kickstarted the Warriors dynasty, one that has brought the franchise four championships.

What if Jackson was retained?

Still, the situation begs the question, "Would Golden State have won multiple championships with Jackson?"

Considering that the former star point guard helped transform a perennial bottom-dweller into a playoff contender, it's not preposterous to answer yes to that question.

Before Jackson was hired in 2011, the Warriors reached the postseason just once in the previous 17 years. Then in the 2012-13 campaign, he led the squad to a playoff berth. Golden State got there again in the following season, only to lose in the first round once more. After a few months, Jackson got the axe.

The move caught the ire of many people around the league, including Jermaine O'Neal. Some years later, Warriors owner Joe Lacob stated that Jackson's lack of basketball expertise led to his firing. But Andre Iguodala once claimed that the NBA "blackballed" the former coach partly due to his views on gender and marriage.

Of course, any discussion about the what-if scenario is a moot point. The partnership between Curry and Kerr has been a dream for Warriors fans. On the other hand, Jackson is enjoying his time as a game analyst for ESPN.

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