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"I smell pus*y Lord!"-Iman Shumpert reveals a crazy Kevin Garnet trash-talking story

Garnett had no filter when it came to talking trash!
Kevin Garnett and Iman Shumpert

Kevin Garnett and Iman Shumpert

Iman Shumpert recently shared a crazy story about a heated on-court encounter with the legendary Kevin Garnett and the trash-talking that went down.

Crossing the line

You have to mention Kevin Garnett's name when talking about some of the best trash-talkers in NBA history. KG is one of the best power forwards ever, but his persona and demeanor on the court made him an icon.

The scary look and competitive nature brought out the best and the worst out of Garnett, as his trash-talking didn't have any boundaries. It's nothing new to hear about guys talking smack amongst each other, but Garnett wasn't afraid to make it personal to gain the mental advantage, and it often rubbed his opponents wrong.

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Former NBA player Iman Shumpert, best known for his days with the Knicks and Cavaliers, recently shared why Kevin Garnett is the most fierce trash-talker he ever encountered on an NBA court and shared a crazy story:

"I came in the game. They fouled me on a layup. So I was walking to the free-throw line, and KG goes:'I smell pus*y, Lord!' I looked around like, yo! You talking to me? What's up dude? You don't like me or something? That's not trash talk to me, but to him, once your mad, now he can play his game for real. Boy, I dunked that ball the next play and called him all types of bit*h! I got a tech. Melo paid it tho!"

Iman Shumpert, Bravo WWHL

The fact Carmelo paid for Shumpert's fine caps of the story hilariously. This probably happened in the same season KG and Carmelo got into it after Garnett involved Anthony's wife in the talk. So seeing his young gun Shumpert get into it with Kevin and dunk on him probably brought him a lot of joy.

But that is who Kevin Garnett was. He was always trying to gain a mental advantage over his opponents without holding back from crossing any personal boundaries on the way. It maybe didn't win him many friends on the court, but for KG, it was all about competing and winning. Even at the cost of his personal image amongst peers.


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