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“I looked up and LeBron was dancing with me” — P. Diddy shares an untold All-Star Weekend story

Why P. Diddy will never forget his All-Star moment with King James
Hip-hop artist Sean Combs/P Diddy/Puff Daddy and Eastern Conference All-Stars forward LeBron James

P. Diddy and LeBron James

All players want to be rappers, and all rappers want to be players. So it's no surprise it has become quite a norm to see hip-hop artists co-exist with the biggest stars in the league, especially during the All-Star weekend. Topping the list of artists who are considered staples of the event is rap icon and renowned record producer Sean Combs, better known as P. Diddy (or Puff Daddy, Diddy, or Puffy - depending on how old you are.)

Being a gracious dancer and life of the party, Diddy has undeniably added an extra vibe to All-Star events in recent times. His most notable appearance thus far was when he and his co-hip-hop artists, Pharrell Williams, Nelly, and Busta Rhymes performed in the 2014 NBA All-Star Game at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.

Diddy makes King James dance

As expected, the crowd went crazy as Diddy and the gang did their thing on the stage. The electricity inside the arena reached a crescendo when the Eastern Conference All-Stars finally got introduced.

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A year later, Diddy was asked to reveal what was his most memorable “untold, behind-the-scenes” moment from that All-Star event. According to the legendary artist, it was when he saw LeBron James dancing as he waited for his name to be called up.

Oh, man. One of the big things that stands out was last year being backstage and the timing of it,” Diddy told Bleacher Report in 2015. “All the players—each player that I looked up to—were backstage with me because they were going to be introduced while [Pharrell and I] were performing, which was something different. So just to see them all there and be taking pictures with them. It’s like you’re killing 30 birds with one stone. I didn’t miss one person.

Also last year, I was dancing a little bit [on stage], and I looked up and LeBron was dancing with me,” he continued. “That was kind of surreal. He was like my dance partner. Things like that growing up, you never really imagine. These are the perks for all the hard work.

Part II

Interestingly, the 2014 NBA All-Star weekend wasn’t the only time Diddy and James vibed to the beat. Roughly six years after, the pair had another dance-off, and this time, it was for a good cause.

Last year, it can be recalled that Diddy and James danced on Instagram Live to raise money for the health workers who were risking their lives amid the coronavirus pandemic. It was a bit silly, but to make a four-time MVP groove for the second time around was indeed another epic moment for Diddy.

Diddy and James have done extraordinary things and are arguably the best at what they do. Seeing them dance may be hilarious, but it proves that they are just like anybody else after all.

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