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How Michael Jordan used Jumbotron games to scam the Bulls security guard: "He beat the guy out of $4,100"

Scottie Pippen and Steve Kerr verified the story during their interview with then-ESPN's Rachel Nichols
Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Steve Kerr during the Bulls timeout in 1998

Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Steve Kerr during the Bulls timeout

"All's fair in competition." Michael Jordan

Well, the Bulls legend never actually said this. But his actions spoke louder than words. 

Whether on the basketball court, at a poker table in Atlantic City, on a Golf court, or the Bulls plane, the end always justified the means. And the end was always the same; no matter the activity, Michael had to come out victorious. 

The Gambler

MJ's hunger for competition never dried out. It also never became overwhelming for No.23. 

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It wasn't about controlling it; it was about satisfying the need by engaging in any form of competitive activity. And if there weren't one available, Michael would create something of his own.

Beating him in a controlled environment was tough. But getting the best of him in a game he himself invented was near impossible. Especially since he would come up with all sorts of exploits to secure a win -- like getting tipped off by the arena video crew and betting the Bulls security guard on Jumbotron games during the team's timeouts; a story Scottie Pippen and Steve Kerr verified during their interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols.

“We used to have a security guard sitting at the top of our bench, it was John Capps. He’s now passed away,” Pippen said. “Capps would bet Michael every game. The only way Capps would win is if he was able to pick the right one. Because if Michael picked, obviously he would pick the right one. He probably beat the guy out of $4,100.”

Perfect Jumbotron record

According to ESPN's Amin Elhassan, Jordan did that for an entire season. The late security guard never suspected anything, and MJ's liquidity kept increasing at every home game.

The only way Capps could win is if he was able to pick ahead of Jordan and get it right on the first try. But let's do the math. 

There are 41 home games over the course of a regular season. According to Pippen, Michael and the Bulls security guard would bet $100 once a game during a timeout, and MJ ended up earning $4,100.

So I guess Michael's Jumbotron record is as perfect as his finals record.

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