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How Michael Jordan showed more class than the entire Detroit Pistons team

MJ's sportmanship and mental toughness was on another level.
MJ had some fierce battles versus the Detroit "Bad Boys"

MJ had some fierce battles versus the Detroit "Bad Boys"

Nobody likes to lose, especially when you are talking about sports. From amateurs to professional athletes, losing can hurt, but in true fashion, you have to show sportsmanship and congratulate your opponent after it's all said and done. But of course, not everyone handles losing well and keeps their cool enough to shake hands with the guys that beat you, and the NBA has seen its fair share of that.

The Bulls-Pistons rivalry of the 80s.'

The 80s were indeed the golden era of NBA basketball, and the Bulls-Pistons rivalry is one major part of it. On the one hand, you had the rising dynasty in the young Bulls with MJ and Pippen against the rugged veteran Pistons of Isiah Thomas, Laimbeer, Dumars, Rodman, etc. It created some memorable, amazing, and heated moments.

From 1988 to 1990, the Pistons would handle the Bulls, bounce them out of the playoffs and keep MJ from finally catching that elusive championship. For someone that was already the best in the league, hunting that ring to fulfill his image of the best, that was a frustrating time, especially against the same team for consecutive years.

But despite getting bounced out, all while getting hacked and cheap shotted from the dirty "Bad Boys," Jordan still acknowledged they were the better team deserving of the win. The mental toughness and class MJ would show right after the games were admirable.

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"All you can do is wish them good luck. We fought hard. They were the better team. We went to a seven-game series. What more can you ask for. We wanna be where they are. We still gotta wait our turn. We are still trying to improve our team. They were the better team, and they played better today." Jordan said after losing Game 7 of the ECF.

The calmness, humbleness, and sportsmanship to accept defeat and congratulate someone that beat you for three straight years was on another level, proving nobody was mentally as tough as MJ at that time.

And waiting would pay off, as the Bulls finally got over the hump the next season, sweeping the Pistons on their way to the first championship. Only Jordan didn't get the same respect and congratulations from the Pistons side.

Isiah and Laimbeer led their team off the court before the game ended without shaking any hands or showing any kind of sportsmanship. It was a poor showing for the Pistons, who looked like sore losers not ready to give up the throne to Michael. Jordan's statement about the incident in The Last Dance documentary spoke volumes and showed why he has more class than that whole Detroit Pistons "Bad Boys" team:

"We shook their hands when they beat us. There's a certain respect to the game that we paid to them. That's sportsmanship, no matter how much it hurts, and believe me, it f**** hurt."

Michael Jordan, The Last Dance

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