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Franciso Elson once called Kevin Garnett 'gay' after an altercation: "He was touching me in my private parts"

Elson didn't appreacite Garnett's antics.
Kevin Garnett and Franciso Elson

Kevin Garnett and Franciso Elson

Kevin Garnett is undoubtedly one of the best power forwards the NBA has ever seen, but what made his legacy and career so memorable was the crazy demeanor, competitiveness, and unfiltered way of getting into the heads of his opponents. That mindset didn't win KG many friends on the court, and back in 2004, a rookie, Franciso Elson, decided to insult him publicly.

Pick your words wisely

Back in 2004, the #1 seeded Minnesota Timberwolves, led by a prime Kevin Garnett, faced the Denver Nuggets in the first round of the playoffs. It wasn't much of a competitive series, as KG would lead Minnesota to the second round in five games. But never the less, tensions were high.

Denver tried to play a physical brand of basketball and find their chance that way, but it only resulted in confrontations. Nuggets rookie Franciso Elson and Kevin Garnett had a couple of heated exchanges in Game 3, but in Game 4, things escalated even further. After the game, Elson called out KG in a pretty disrespectful way.

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"That's a cheap shot by a low-class type player. You don't do that. That's gay on his part. I told him that he was gay, too, for touching me in my private parts."

Francisco Elson, ESPN

Kevin Garnett, in his fashion, didn't really want to acknowledge Elson and his words, focusing solely on winning the series.

"I really couldn't care less about what they're saying over there. I don't even know half those guys' names. I'm just focused on winning this game and moving on."

Kevin Garnett, ESPN

It didn't take long for the LGBTQ community to attack Elson for his comments and criticize his poor choice of words. Smartly, the young Elson quickly came out with an apology and contain the hate he was receiving.

"I would like to apologize to the gay and lesbian community for my comments about Kevin Garnett. I realize my comments were insensitive and they were out of character for me. However, I take full responsibility and I have learned a valuable lesson."

Francisco Elson, ESPN

In the end, the whole story didn't get too controversial, and it dyed down pretty quickly, which was typical for that era. But imagine if something like that happened in today's NBA. Yikes!

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