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Dwyane Wade on Kobe Bryant's rap skills: 'Sounded like Stephen A. Smith would rap'

If you think Black Mamba’s rap game reminds D-Wade of a famous rapper, you’re wrong
Dwyane Wade on Kobe Bryant's rap skills: 'Sounded like Stephen A. Smith would rap'

For Wade, Kobe seemed as if he was still preaching basketball through his lyrics

Becoming a great basketball player is one thing, and being a slick rap artist is definitely another. In the NBA, there aren't a lot of guys who could hoop and spit bars at the same time. Fortunately for Dwyane Wade, his rap game is quite alright.

For those who didn't know, Wade linked up with Miami-based rapper Rick Ross and his fellow Miami Heat legend Udonis Haslem in 2020 for a rap song entitled "Season Ticket Holder." Whether it's because of D-Wade's star power or hidden rap skills, the single did quite good, having generated 1.4 million views on YouTube.

Who else joins D-Wade in that category?

In an exclusive interview with GQ during the single's release, Wade was asked to name other NBA stars he thinks are on the same level as him in rapping. According to the three-time NBA champion, guys like Damian Lillard and Shaquille O'Neal surely tick the boxes.

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"I have no idea of all-time. [But] You look at Damian Lillard right now, and he seems poised to be that, but he has some more to do," Wade said. "Shaq went platinum, so it depends on whether you're talking about bars, lyrics, or success? Ultimately, hoopers are hoopers, and to have the ability to rap or sing, that's just another passion that guys have the platform to showcase."

Kobe as well

Interestingly, Wade also mentioned the late Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, who released an entire rap album in 2000.

"I know my good friend Kobe had a run when he was rapping a little bit, and his rap game was so intelligent," he continued.

For Wade, Kobe seemed as if he was still preaching basketball through his lyrics. And if you think Black Mamba's rap game reminds Wade of a famous rapper, you're wrong. As per "Flash," Kobe's flow got him picturing "Stephen A. Smith would rap."

"He was hitting them with words that sounded like Stephen A. Smith would rap [laughs]," he described. "That was so dope. I think I really just enjoy hearing these guys try their own style and flow."

For as long as we can remember, basketball has intertwined with rap music. And as time passes, we see more and more retired and active NBA players link up with rappers to get some work done in the studio booth. That speaks a lot about how the beautiful connection between the two worlds constantly grows and evolves.


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