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Derrick Rose opens up on recruiting LeBron James in 2010


The Free Agency of 2010 was a turning point for the NBA world, as we had some of the biggest names in the league on the market, with numerous teams trying to recruit stars and jump into contention for the championship. The most notable name was the face of the NBA, LeBron James, who decided to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami to create the infamous "Big 3".

But the Heat wasn't the only team in serious talks to sign LeBron that summer, as the Knicks and the Bulls were also potential landing spots for "The King." New York was attractive because of the location, but Chicago had the appeal of the big city with a fantastic team already there, led by a young Derrick Rose.

The Bulls had a couple of players go out and try to potentially persuade LeBron and Bosh to come to the "Windy City." Derrick Rose was amongst those players, even though he didn't appreciate the process. In his autobiography, Rose spoke about how it went down and why it didn't work.

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"I did the LeBron recruiting for Chicago. It was a day after practice, and Bron and Chris Bosh and all of them, we got word — everyone heard it around the league — they were together on one of those banana boat things and were about to team up somewhere."

Derrick Rose, I'll Show You

The situation would get messy after the recruiting fell apart for the Bulls, with the GM Gar Forman trying to downplay their intentions by saying Rose didn't commit to the process of trying to get LeBron to Chicago. It's safe to say Rose didn't appreciate those statements, as he explained:

"Gar Forman, our GM, came to me with the people from the office about putting a video together for Chris Bosh, D-Wade, and Bron. I didn't fight it. I did the video. I'm sure Bron and those guys saw it. Then this story came out that I wasn't big on recruiting. Should I have to say that I recruited?... That's where I'm coming from. It's a lose-lose. I'm not comfortable saying I'm out there recruiting because I respect my teammates. Should players have to do that? It doesn't seem right. When I saw the story was Derrick doesn't want to recruit. I felt like, as my partner in this, the Bulls should have come out and said I'd done it. Like, 'We got it. Chill. He cool.' They didn't."

Derrick Rose, I'll Show You

Rose would go on the become the youngest MVP in NBA history the following year, but his Bulls got bounced out by the Miami "Big 3" in the Eastern Conference Finals. After that season, everything would go down for Rose and the Bulls, with numerous devastating injuries stopping them from being contenders ever again. On the other side, the Heat managed to win two championships; as it turned out, LeBron made the right decision by going to Miami. But a duo of LeBron and Rose in their prime would have been something special to watch.

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